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5 businesses owned by Trevor Noah

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

Trevor Noah, a luminous figure in the world of comedy and television, epitomizes the essence of a modern-day renaissance man. Born on February 20, 1984, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Noah’s journey from the heart of apartheid to the pinnacle of global entertainment is nothing short of remarkable. His tenure as the host of “The Daily Show” from 2015 to 2022 is just one facet of his diverse career, which spans stand-up comedy, political commentary, and authorship. Noah’s comedic craft, deeply rooted in his South African heritage, is a tapestry of poignant anecdotes and insightful humor, earning him widespread admiration and acclaim.

Noah’s early life, defined by the harsh realities of apartheid, was a crucible of adversity and resilience. Born to a Xhosa mother and a Swiss father, he navigated the complexities of a racially divided society, an experience that would later infuse his work with depth and authenticity. His narrative, marked by perseverance and creativity, transformed these early challenges into a wellspring of humor and perspective, making him a voice of both entertainment and insight.

Embarking on his entertainment career with modest roles in South African television, Noah quickly established himself as a versatile talent. A serendipitous dare at the age of 22 saw him take the stage in a comedy club, igniting a passion that would catapult him to the zenith of the South African comedy scene. His first solo show, “The Daywalker,” was a triumph, and subsequent performances, including the critically acclaimed “The Racist” at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, solidified his status as a comedy virtuoso.

Noah’s relocation to the United States marked a pivotal juncture in his career trajectory. As the first South African comedian to grace “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” he soon joined “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” as a correspondent in 2014, a move that set the stage for his ascendancy to one of the most coveted positions in television. As the host of “The Daily Show,” Noah infused the program with his distinctive brand of satire and social commentary, earning him a place in the hearts of a diverse international audience and catapulting him to new heights in the U.S. entertainment sphere.

Beyond the confines of “The Daily Show,” Noah’s influence radiated across various domains. He embarked on global stand-up tours, created captivating comedy specials, and founded Day Zero Productions in partnership with Viacom. His philanthropic endeavors, notably the Trevor Noah Foundation, reflect his dedication to addressing wide-ranging societal issues. Moreover, his venture into podcasting with “On Second Thought” further showcases his commitment to thoughtful discourse.

However, it is perhaps through his literary work, particularly his memoir “Born a Crime,” that Noah offers the most profound insight into his life’s journey. Here, he emerges not just as an entertainer, but as a storyteller and an influential cultural figure, whose experiences and insights transcend the boundaries of comedy, providing a lens through which to view the complexities of the modern world. Noah’s narrative is more than a success story; it is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and the enduring capacity of humor to unite and inspire across continents and cultures.

  • Day Zero Productions: A Global Entertainment Venture

Noah’s entrepreneurial spirit shines brightly through Day Zero Productions, a venture he launched in partnership with media conglomerate Viacom. This international production and distribution company stands as a testament to Noah’s vision of creating content that resonates globally. Day Zero Productions is not just an entertainment business; it’s a cultural incubator, fostering a diverse range of voices and stories. With Viacom’s extensive network and resources, Day Zero Productions is well-positioned to create a significant impact in the entertainment industry, potentially generating substantial revenue and influencing global narratives.

  • “On Second Thought”: A Dive into Podcasting

Expanding his repertoire, Noah launched “On Second Thought,” a podcast under the subscription service Luminary. This venture signifies Noah’s grasp of the changing media landscape, where podcasting has emerged as a powerful medium for storytelling and discourse. “On Second Thought” offers an intimate platform for Noah to delve deeper into topics close to his heart, showcasing his versatility beyond comedy and television hosting. This subscription-based model also represents a savvy business move, tapping into a growing market of podcast listeners seeking premium content.

  • Literary Success and Film Adaptation Deals

Noah’s foray into literature with his bestselling memoir “Born a Crime” has been nothing short of a triumph. The book’s success catapulted him into the literary spotlight, leading to a lucrative film adaptation deal with Paramount Players. Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o’s involvement in the project adds to its prestige and marketability. This adaptation is not just a creative endeavor but a strategic business move, potentially opening avenues for further multimedia adaptations of his works and solidifying his position in the entertainment industry.

  • Real Estate Investments: A Lucrative Side Hustle

Noah’s business acumen extends into the real estate market, particularly in flipping homes. His purchase and subsequent profitable sale of a Bel-Air mansion exemplify his understanding of the property market’s dynamics. Real estate investments, especially in high-value areas like Bel-Air, can offer substantial returns. Noah’s ability to capitalize on these opportunities speaks to his multifaceted approach to wealth generation and investment.

Diversified Investment Portfolio: Jinx, 1Password, Reprise, Squire, and Impossible Foods

Noah’s investment portfolio is a diverse mix of startups and companies, each representing innovation in their respective fields:

  1. Jinx: Noah’s investment in Jinx, a dog wellness brand, aligns with the growing market for pet care products. Jinx’s success in raising $28 million is indicative of its potential in the burgeoning pet wellness industry.
  2. 1Password: By investing in 1Password, a leading password manager, Noah is tapping into the growing need for cybersecurity solutions. As digital security becomes increasingly crucial, 1Password’s role in safeguarding personal and professional data presents significant growth potential.
  3. Reprise: Noah’s investment in Reprise reflects an understanding of the tech industry’s needs. Reprise offers a unique platform for creating interactive product demos, aiming to streamline the sales process for enterprise software companies. This investment positions Noah at the forefront of a niche but essential tech sector.
  4. Squire: With his investment in Squire, Noah is contributing to the transformation of the traditional barbershop business model. Squire’s software caters specifically to barbershop owners, modernizing the way these businesses operate and manage their services.
  5. Impossible Foods: Investing in Impossible Foods places Noah in the rapidly growing plant-based food sector. As consumer preferences shift towards sustainable and plant-based diets, Impossible Foods is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, offering meat substitutes that have already gained considerable popularity.

Noah’s business ventures paint a picture of a multifaceted entrepreneur who is not just content with success in the entertainment industry. His strategic investments and partnerships in various sectors — from media production and literature to technology and real estate — demonstrate his astute understanding of different market dynamics and his ability to diversify his portfolio effectively. Noah’s ventures are not only profitable but also impactful, as they often align with broader societal trends and values, such as sustainability, technological advancement, and modernizing traditional business models. His approach to business and investment is a blueprint for how modern entertainers can leverage their fame and capital to build lasting and diverse financial legacies.

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