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5 businesses owned by Naomi Osaka

From tennis court to business empire: Osaka's entrepreneurial journey

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

Naomi Osaka, a globally renowned tennis champion, has not only captivated audiences with her sportsmanship on the court but also emerged as a dynamic entrepreneur. Her ventures into various business reflect her diverse interests and strategic vision. With a reported net worth of $60 million according to Forbes, Osaka has diversified her portfolio beyond tennis, venturing into skincare, talent management, media production, health food, and sports recovery technology.

Here, we explore five key ventures that encapsulate her business acumen:

  • KINLÒ: Championing Skincare for Melanated Skin

In 2020, Osaka launched KINLÒ, a skincare brand focused on the needs of melanated skin, a niche often overlooked in the beauty industry. This venture stemmed from her personal experiences and understanding of the specific skincare challenges faced by people with darker skin tones.

The range of products offered by KINLÒ includes specially formulated sunscreens and moisturizers. These products are designed to offer effective protection and nourishment, addressing issues like sun damage, which are more prevalent in melanated skin.

KINLÒ’s success is rooted not just in its products but also in its mission to educate and advocate for better skincare practices for all skin types. Osaka’s involvement goes beyond business; it’s a platform for her to champion inclusivity and community health.

  • Evolve: Redefining Talent Management

Osaka, along with her agent Stuart Duguid, founded Evolve in 2022. This talent agency, led by a female athlete, is a pioneering initiative in sports management, particularly focusing on nurturing and representing emerging athletes.

Evolve is more than an agency; it’s a support system for athletes. It provides a range of services, including branding, marketing, and financial management, all tailored to the unique needs of sports personalities.

With Evolve, Osaka aims to bring a change in the athlete representation industry, especially by empowering female athletes and giving them a platform to excel both in and out of their sporting arenas.

  • Hana Kuma: Breaking New Ground in Media Production

In partnership with LeBron James’ SpringHill Company, Osaka launched Hana Kuma in 2022. This media venture is a bold step into the world of content creation and distribution.

Hana Kuma focuses on producing culturally relevant and impactful content. It aims to tell diverse stories that resonate with a global audience, reflecting Osaka’s commitment to inclusivity and representation.

This media company not only marks Osaka’s expansion into new business territories but also positions her as an influencer in the media industry, capable of shaping narratives and bringing untold stories to the limelight.

  • Sweetgreen: Investing in Health and Wellness

In 2021, Osaka made a strategic investment in Sweetgreen, a brand valued at $3 billion. This move marked her as one of the youngest investors in the company, showcasing her foresight and belief in healthy living.

Sweetgreen’s focus on providing nutritious, sustainable food options aligns with Osaka’s lifestyle and personal values. This partnership underscores her commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle among her fans and the broader public.

As an investor, Osaka plays a significant role in guiding Sweetgreen’s branding and outreach strategies, leveraging her global influence to advocate for healthier food choices.

  • Hyperice: Enhancing Sports Recovery and Performance

In 2019, Osaka acquired a stake in Hyperice, a company specializing in sports recovery technology. This decision reflects her understanding of the needs of athletes and her commitment to enhancing sports performance.

Hyperice is known for its cutting-edge recovery products, and Osaka’s involvement has not only added to her business portfolio but also allowed her to influence product development, using her insights as a professional athlete.

Her association with Hyperice is more than an investment; it’s a partnership that helps bridge the gap between athletic needs and technological solutions, reinforcing her position as an influential figure in sports technology.

Osaka’s evolution from a tennis superstar to a multifaceted entrepreneur is a narrative of ambition, insight, and versatility. Her diverse business interests, from skincare to sports technology, highlight her multifaceted persona and her ability to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities. Beyond her financial success, Osaka’s ventures are imbued with a sense of purpose, whether it’s promoting health and wellness or championing inclusivity and diversity.

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