East Africa

Meet Joseph Rutakangwa, Tanzanian entrepreneur revolutionizing market intelligence in Africa

Rutakangwa's entrepreneurial journey and the success of Rwazi highlight the transformative power of technology.

Kenyan tycoon Narendra Raval’s Devki Group to build cement plant

Raval founded Devki Group in Nairobi in 1986 as a small steel-processing and trade enterprise.

Uganda’s richest investor Charles Mbire loses $3.6 million as MTN Uganda shares slide

Mbire, the wealthiest investor on the Uganda Stock Exchange. loses $3.6 million as MTN Uganda's stock price takes a hit.

Jit Bhattacharya’s BasiGo to roll out 16 EV charging stations in Nairobi

The announcement was made during the launch of the firm's first-ever public charging station in Nairobi.

Kenya’s Ndegwa family overtakes Kenyattas, takes center stage as NCBA’s top shareholder

The Ndegwa family has strengthens its position in NCBA Group.