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The 20 richest investors on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

by Omokolade Ajayi

Investors on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange have amassed staggering wealth since the start of the year owing to the strong pace of recovery in the country and renewed buying interest by local investors, which have pushed the joint valuation of the 20 richest investors in the country above the $2.5-billion mark.

The market value of all the shares owned by the 20 richest investors on the bourse amounts to 48.03 percent of the market capitalization of the local exchange.

Data computed by Billionaires.Africa revealed that the 20 richest investors on the exchange have a joint equity valuation of $1.21 billion, with Strive Masiyiwa being the richest investor on the exchange, controlling more than one-quarter of the bourse’s market capitalization.

The top-5 investors on the bourse control a total 43.93 percent of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Based on figures derived from investment agencies, the latest annual reports and confirmations from capital market registrars, these are the 20 richest people who own stocks listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

The value of the shares is based on prices at the end of trading on Aug. 20, and valuations are converted to U.S. dollars at current exchange rates.

#1 Strive Masiyiwa

Net worth on the ZSE: $664.3 million

Holdings: Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Cassava Smartech

Zimbabwe’s richest man and founder of Econet Global ltd owns 43.7 percent of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe – the country’s largest mobile telecom company. His stake is worth $519.1 million. Masiyiwa also owns 30.26 percent of Cassava Smartech, which is worth $145.1 million.

#2 Michael Fowler

Net worth on the ZSE: $172 million

Holdings: Innscor Africa, Padenga Holdings

The Zimbabwean billionaire is best known for having co-founded Innscor Africa, a manufacturer of consumer staple and durable goods. He owns a 19.2-percent stake in Insscor Africa worth $131.3 million. He is also a founder and 20.77-percent owner of Padenga Holdings, a public company engaged in the production and sale of crocodilian skins and meat.

#3 John Moxon

Net worth on the ZSE: $133.7 million

Holdings: Meikles

John Moxon is the executive chairman of Meikles, a publicly traded Zimbabwean company with a diverse portfolio of investments in hotel, retail, supermarket chain, agriculture and financial services. He owns a 47-percent stake in Meikles through his private investment company, Gondor Capital.

#4 Zinona Koudounaris

Net worth on the ZSE: $101.1 million

Holdings: Insscor Africa, Simbisa Brands, Axia Corporation

Zinona Koudounaris, popularly known as “Zed,” co-founded Innscor Africa in 1997 with his partner Michael Fowler. Koudounaris’ portfolio on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange includes 2.5 percent of Innscor Africa, 18.41 percent of Simbisa Brands and 20.86 percent of Axia Corporation, a company that retails and distributes electrical appliances, automotive goods and fast moving consumer goods.

#5 Nicholas Van Hoogstraten

Net worth on the ZSE: $36,046,511  

Holdings: Rainbow Tourism Group

British investor Nicholas Van Hoogstraten owns 24.2 percent of Rainbow Tourism Group, a tourism and hospitality management company in Zimbabwe with a far-reaching portfolio of owner-managed or leased hotels and conference facilities in Zimbabwe.

#6 John Mushayavanhu

Net worth on the ZSE: $13,953,488

Holdings: FBC Holdings

John Mushayavanhu is the group CEO and largest individual shareholder of FBC Holdings, an investment holding that houses a group of subsidiaries that provide financial services spanning commercial banking, insurance, mortgage financing, micro-financing and securities trading. Mushayavanhu owns 6.6 percent of the company.

#7 Paddy Zhanda

Net worth on the ZSE: $12,790,697

Holdings: Masimba Holdings

Paddy Zhanda owns 10.5 percent of Masimba Holdings, a publicly listed company that provides engineering and infrastructure client solutions.

#8 Basil Dionisio

Net worth on the ZSE: $11.6 million

Holdings: Simbisa Brands

Basil Dionisio is the group CEO and executive director of Simbisa Brands Limited, the largest fast-food restaurant operator in Zimbabwe. Simbisa owns, operates and franchises some of the most popular quick-service restaurant brands in East and Southern Africa, including Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Nandos and Steers of South Africa. His 4.19-per cent stake in the company is currently worth $11.6 million.

#9 Matlhogonolo Valela

Net worth on the ZSE: $11.1 million

Holdings: Delta Corporation

Matlhogonolo Valela owns a 0.87-percent stake in Delta Corporation, Zimbabwe’s largest beverage manufacturer. He joined the company in 1996 and was appointed CEO in March 2021.

#10 Rutenhuro Moyo

Net worth on the ZSE: $7,726,744

Holdings: Rutenhuro Moyo holds a 3.2-percent stake in OK Zimbabwe, a leading supermarket retailer covering groceries, basic clothing and textiles and houseware products.

#11 Trynos Kufazvinei

Net worth on the ZSE: $7,420,930

Holdings: Trynos Kufazvinei holds a 3.4-per cent stake in the financial services group, FBC Holdings.

#12 Ketan Naik

Net worth on the ZSE: $7,409,302

Holdings: Ketan Naik holds 4.48 per cent of Daribord Holdings, a manufacturer and marketer of milks, foods and beverage products.

#13 Douglas Mboweni

Net worth on the ZSE: $5.8 million

Holdings: Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Douglas Mboweni is the group CEO of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. He owns a 0.49-percent stake in the company, which is worth $5.8 million.  

#14 Julian P. Schonken

Net worth on the ZSE: $5,063,953

Holdings: Julian P. Schonken holds a 0.75-percent stake in Innscor Africa.

#15 Albert Katsande

Net worth on the ZSE: $4,887,209

Holdings: Albert Katsande holds a two percent in OK Zimbabwe.

#16 Antony Mandiwanza 

Net worth on the ZSE: $4,455,813

Holdings: Antony Mandiwanza owns 2.7 percent of Daribord Holdings.

#17 Lance Kennedy 

Net worth on the ZSE: $4,436,046

Holdings: Lance Kennedy owns a 10-percent stake in Zimplow Holdings, a diversified construction, infrastructure and agricultural equipment manufacturer and distributor.

#18 Ketan Joshi

Net worth on the ZSE: $3,553,488

Holdings: Ketan Joshi holds a 1.62-percent stake of FBC Holdings.

#19 Thomasmore Chataika

Net worth on the ZSE: $2.95 million

Holdings: Thomasmore Chataika holds a 6.6-percent stake in Zimplow Holdings.

#20 Roy Chimanikire

Net worth on the ZSE: $2.9 million

Holdings: Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s CFO Roy Chimanikire owns a 0.23-percent shareholding in the company worth $2.9 million.

Mfonobong Nsehe contributed to this report. Comments can be sent to: [email protected].

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