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MTN Uganda takes hit, leading to $5-million loss for Uganda’s richest investor Charles Mbire

Mbire owns a 3.99-percent stake in MTN Uganda, or 894,494,705 shares.

Uganda’s richest investor Charles Mbire acquires additional 2.26 million shares in MTN Uganda

Mbire is anticipated to receive $1.16 million from the telecom group's interim dividend payout.

Uganda’s richest investor Charles Mbire gains $4.7 million from stake in MTN Uganda

The $4.7-million bump in his stake solidifies his position as the richest investor on the Uganda Stock Exchange.

Ugandan tycoon Charles Mbire to pocket $1.15-million interim dividend from MTN Uganda

Mbire owns a significant 3.98-percent stake in the Ugandan telecom outfit.


South African banker Alan Pullinger’s salary at FirstRand amounts to $2.7 million in 2023

Pullinger’s ascent to the CEO role in 2018 came after three years as deputy CEO of FirstRand, a position he assumed in October 2015.

Khaby Lame emerges as one of 2023’s top earners, amassing $16.5 million

Lame's claim to fame revolves around his unique comedy skits that humorously debunk overly complex “life hacks” entirely without uttering a word.

4 companies owned by Kendrick Lamar

Beyond his groundbreaking contributions to the music industry, Lamar subtly and strategically diversifies his financial portfolio.

Greek multimillionaire John Coumantaros gains $10.5 million from Flour mills stake

Coumantaros ranked as one of the richest investors on the Nigerian Exchange, owns a 63.34-percent stake in Flour Mills.