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8 businesses owned by NFL legend Malcolm Jenkins

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

Malcolm Jenkins, born on Dec. 20, 1987, in the heart of East Orange, New Jersey, having redefined the role of an NFL safety, has also surfaced as a host of strategic genius and exceptional athleticism. His journey from a standout player at Ohio State University, winning the revered Jim Thorpe Award and unanimous All-American honors, to his professional debut, showcases an outcome of relentless ambition and unmatched skill. Selected in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints, Jenkins quickly evolved into a defensive cornerstone, instrumental in their Super Bowl XLIV victory. His early career with the Saints demonstrated his innate ability to alter the course of games, renowned by a legendary play against the Dallas Cowboys, where he stripped the ball from Cowboys’ Roy Williams with the Cowboys leading 27-23 late in the fourth quarter,and recovered the ball, setting up New Orleans’ game-winning touchdown, winning him NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors, showcasing his knack for leadership and decisive action on the field.

The narrative of Jenkins’ illustrious career took a significant leap forward upon joining the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014, where his immediate impact was felt both on and off the field. His tenure with the Eagles is highlighted by a series of defining moments, including a 99-yard interception return for a touchdown against the New England Patriots, which not only showcased his exceptional playmaking abilities but also cemented his reputation for delivering in crucial moments. Jenkins’ strategic intelligence and leadership quality were instrumental in propelling the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory in LII, marking his second championship win and cementing his legacy as an important figure in two monumental franchise victories. Malcolm is not only a star on the football pitch, but also a star entrepreneur. Here are 8 business ventures owned by Malcolm Jenkins:


Malcolm Jenkins founder of Malcolm Inc., a holding company that serves as a source of innovation across technology, healthcare, and renewable energy, setting new industry standards under Malcolm’s visionary guidance. Through predictive acumen and a commitment to sustainability, Jenkins has nurtured his ventures to leadership positions, significantly impacting the global economy and community. His entrepreneurial spirit and use of cutting-edge technologies ensure Malcolm Inc.’s role as a pioneer in shaping a sustainable and innovative future. Jenkins created MALCOLM INC., as a holding company for the various business verticals he co-founded, including LISTEN UP MEDIA, BROAD STREET VENTURES, DISRUPT FOODS, and DAMARI.


Malcolm Jenkins leads Listen Up Media, a multimedia production powerhouse involved in administering and disseminating content that address and shed light on systemic societal issues. Through its mission, Listen Up Media seeks not just to inform, but to help people become more socially conscious and drive meaningful conversations and interactions around the complexities of our times. Some of Listen Up Media’s notable productions are Bad Boys, a social justice documentary marking 400 years since enslaved Africans arrived in Jamestown and Style Sold Separately, a TV series that highlights athletes through the lens of men’s fashion. In 2020, Listen Up Media in collaboration with the Weatherhead Initiative on Global History at Harvard University, produced a docuseries titled “Little Africa”. The series aims to understanding the connection between the dispossession of land and the existing wealth and political gaps in the United States.


Malcolm Jenkins is a co-founder of Broad Street Ventures, which is a venture capital fund. Launched with the aim of empowering Black and Brown investors, Broad Street Ventures is distinctive for being fully funded by Black and Brown investors, including a group of fellow NFL players and other athletes. This venture capital fund focuses on investing in early to growth-stage startups, particularly those within the tech sector, and is part of Jenkins’ broader efforts to create economic opportunities and foster wealth-building within communities. By involving athletes and others in investment opportunities, Jenkins and Broad Street Ventures aim to bridge the gap in venture capital funding for minority entrepreneurs and to ensure that Black and Brown investors have a seat at the table in high-value investment discussions. Broad Street Ventures has already invested in companies like Airbnb, Epic Games, Udemy, Turo, NoBull, Automattic, and ZenWtr. Broad StreetVentures (BSV) has a diverse portfolio of early stage, growth stage and late-stage investments in software, internet of things and consumer product companies. 


Malcolm Jenkins is the visionary founder behind Disrupt Foods, an ambitious multi-unit franchise developer and operator, boasting over 20 quick-service restaurants. This innovative venture is designed to balance the economic landscape, offering Blacks and Hispanics unprecedented opportunities for franchise ownership.

Within the arm of Disrupt Foods, Jenkins transcends the conventional creation of a mere constellation of dining establishments; he is at the helm of influencing an economic change . This initiative is a deliberate act of fostering entrepreneurship and engendering financial autonomy within communities that have been continuously marginalized, thus causing a paradigm shift towards equal economic engagement and empowerment.


Malcolm Jenkins, the entrepreneurial force behind Damari, has skillfully extended his innovative prowess into the fashion industry, establishing a bespoke clothing enterprise. Damari distinguishes itself by offering an lovely array of custom-tailored and ready-to-wear men’s suits, meticulously crafted to meet the sartorial needs of the discerning modern day gentleman. Through this venture, Jenkins not only demonstrates his creative versatility but also taps into the budding market for personalized fashion, positioning Damari as an influence in the realm of luxury menswear.


Malcolm Jenkins, a two-time Super Bowl champion, has diversified his portfolio by securing a minority stake in Burnley Football Club through his involvement with ALK Capital, the entity that acquired an 84% controlling stake in the the club in December 2020 at a valuation of about $271 million. This investment signifies Jenkins’ entry into international sports management, highlighting his transition from an accomplished athlete to a strategic sports franchise owner.


What Winners Won’t Tell You: Lessons from a Legendary Defender.”, Jenkins’ inaugural memoir, released in 2023, unfolds a rich information of his life’s journey. From his formative years through his NFL career, it intricately stitches together the fabric of encounters, mentors, and milestones that molded his character. This narrative offers an intimate journey through Jenkins’ life, revealing the essence of his resilience and the unseen battles behind his victories. A compelling chronicle, it bridges his past and present, inviting readers into the heart of a defender’s legacy.


Malcolm Jenkins is prominently featured among the elite group of speakers at American Association of Experts (AAE). With a rich background that spans professional sports, activism, and entrepreneurship, Jenkins brings a wealth of real-world experiences and insights to his engagements, offering audiences deeply relatable and motivational narratives.

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