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Meet Sarah Bond: Black executive leading gaming industry’s transformation

Xbox Game Pass triumphs and industry shakeup: Bond's impact on Microsoft's gaming evolution

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Sarah Bond

Sarah Bond, a leading Black business executive, shines among the world’s brightest stars, particularly for her achievements in the dynamic and rapidly evolving global gaming industry. 

In 2017, Bond stepped onto the stage at Microsoft, assuming the role of corporate vice president overseeing gaming business development. It was a move that echoed her earlier roles as an associate partner at McKinsey & Company and pivotal positions at T-Mobile. 

As the President of Xbox Game Studios, Bond commands a $16-billion global gaming platform, steering iconic franchises like Halo, Gears of War, and Forza Horizon. Her rise was not just about climbing the corporate ladder; it was about playing a role in reshaping the industry. 

Xbox Game Pass triumphs and industry shakeup: Bond’s impact on Microsoft’s gaming evolution

Her career highlight includes the revolutionary success of Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that has changed the tune of the gaming business model. With Bond at the helm, gamers have gained unprecedented access, and developers have found new avenues for engagement.

Not content with internal triumphs, Bond also played a key role in the industry-shaking acquisition of Activision Blizzard, cementing Microsoft’s name in the global tech industry. It was a masterstroke, solidifying the company’s position as a gaming powerhouse.

But Bond’s success is not limited to Microsoft’s walls. As a proponent of cloud gaming, she spearheaded Project xCloud and Xbox Cloud Gaming, pioneering accessible gaming experiences across diverse devices. 

The powerhouse behind gaming inclusivity: Bond’s vision beyond Xbox

Beyond Xbox, Bond’s influence extends to the boards of leading tech companies, including Zuora and Chegg, where her expertise acts as a guiding force for diverse businesses. Recognizing the importance of diverse voices in gaming, she established initiatives like ID@Xbox, nurturing independent development and championing inclusivity.

Her commitment to inclusion is further evidenced by her role on the Entertainment Software Association’s board, where she champions initiatives promoting female leadership and diverse talent within the gaming industry.

As gaming evolves into a metaverse of possibilities, Bond remains at the forefront of innovation. Her exploration of augmented reality, metaverse potential, and new monetization models showcases a leader who doesn’t just follow the trends but sets them.

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