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South African executive Peter Wharton-Hood pockets $1.1-million salary in 2023

Life Healthcare CEO Peter Wharton-Hood secures a staggering R20.4-Million ($1.1M) compensation in 2023

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Peter Wharton-Hood

South African executive Peter Wharton-Hood, the group CEO and executive director at Life Healthcare — a South Africa-based international healthcare company — received a R20.4-million ($1.1-million) compensation package from the leading healthcare group in 2023.

Wharton-Hood, the group’s CEO since Sept. 2020, saw a notable 16.6 percent increase in his 2023 compensation compared to the R17.5 million ($0.94 million) package he received in the previous year — showcasing the company’s achievements and progress under his leadership.

His compensation package also includes a base salary of R9.33 million ($0.49 million), supplemented by a performance-based short-term incentive of R11.09 million ($0.59 million — underscoring his contributions to the success of Life Healthcare.

Wharton-Hood’s leadership propels Life Healthcare to global prominence

Life Healthcare, founded in 1983 and based in Johannesburg, is an investment firm that operates hospitals globally. Its Southern Africa segment emphasizes hospitals and healthcare services, while its International segment specializes in diagnostics services.

Wharton-Hood, with a global background at Standard Bank Group and Deutsche Bank in London, excels in strategy, operations, and technology. Notable for leading the complex Brexit transition at Deutsche Bank, he is recognized for enhancing profitability, driving transformations, promoting diversity, and engaging with global regulators

Since assuming the position of Group CEO in Sept. 2020, Wharton-Hood has demonstrated a track record of steering complex corporations while emphasizing inclusivity and industry-wide evolution. 

Life Healthcare’s remarkable financial growth under Wharton-Hood’s expert leadership 

Under his leadership, Life Healthcare saw significant financial growth in 2023, with total assets rising to R45.62 billion ($2.44 billion) from R42.24 billion ($2.26 billion). Revenue also surged by 10.3 percent, reaching R22.64 billion ($1.21 billion) from R20.53 billion ($1.09 billion).

Beyond his executive role, Wharton-Hood holds a 0.18-percent stake in Life Healthcare – equivalent to 2,601,755 shares valued at R47.43 million ($2.54 million) — aligning his interests with the company’s success.

Wharton-Hood’s notable leadership and strategic vision have been instrumental in steering Life Healthcare toward commendable financial growth and market expansion, reflecting his commitment to the company’s advancement and prosperity.

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