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5 companies owned by African-American business executive Shundrawn Thomas

Shundrawn Thomas: A visionary African-American business executive's impactful ventures

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Shundrawn Thomas

Shundrawn Thomas, a pioneering African-American investor and corporate leader, reshapes the CEO narrative with 27 years of transformative expertise in elite financial institutions. Renowned for his innovation in investment management and unwavering commitment to socially responsible investing, Thomas stands as a beacon of change in the corporate world.

Before founding The Copia Group (TCG), Thomas played pivotal roles at Northern Trust Corporation, serving as President of Northern Trust Asset Management and leading initiatives in FlexShares ETFs and Corporate Strategy. His extensive background at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley spans equities, fixed income, sales, and trading.

Thomas as the founder and managing partner of TCG, a private investment firm overseeing $1.3 trillion in assets, focuses on empowering lower middle-market businesses, seamlessly intertwining financial leadership with social responsibility.

He is recognized as an innovator in investment management and a champion of socially responsible investing. Beyond his professional commitments, Thomas is a captivating speaker and celebrated author, advocating for purposeful work and transformative careers. Devoted to family and community service, he serves as a trustee for Rush University Medical Center and Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry.

Billionaires.Africa highlights several companies linked to Thomas, showcasing his diverse and impactful business portfolio.

  1. The Copia Group
    The Copia Group (TCG) is a private investment adviser founded by African-American business executive Shundrawn Thomas. Specializing in providing debt and equity capital solutions to U.S.-based companies, TCG focuses on empowering female and minority business operators. With a rich history spanning over 27 years, Thomas has strategically shaped TCG into a force for social impact, steering scalable business models in the lower middle-market sector. TCG manages assets exceeding $1.3 trillion, emphasizing a commitment to diversity and inclusion in the business landscape.
  1. Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA)
    Reinsurance Group of America, Inc. (RGA), a global leader in life and health reinsurance, proudly includes Thomas as a minority stakeholder. Holding a 0.0052 percent stake and serving on RGA’s board with 3,454 ordinary shares, Thomas has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth. As of March 31, 2023, RGA boasts handling approximately $3.4 trillion in life reinsurance and holds assets totaling $89.1 billion. This significant presence reinforces RGA’s standing as a top-tier international company specializing in life and health-related reinsurance.
  1. Northern Trust Corporation (NTRS)
    Northern Trust Corporation, based in Chicago, Illinois, has benefitted from the strategic involvement of Thomas. While owning a minority 0.017-percent stake equivalent to 34,861 ordinary shares, Thomas contributed significantly to the financial services company’s success. With assets valuing $2.98 million, Thomas showcased a vested commitment to Northern Trust before his resignation in 2022, leaving a lasting impact on the company’s trajectory.
  1. The Aspen Institute
    The Aspen Institute has seen transformative initiatives through the leadership of Thomas within the Aspen Global Leadership Network. With more than 2,500 ventures launched, this network addresses pressing societal issues. Leveraging Copia platforms, Thomas has spearheaded efforts to close educational achievement gaps, enhance healthcare access, promote sustainable fishing, raise financial literacy, generate employment, combat domestic violence, and foster pipelines of ethical leadership.
  1. Financial Accounting Foundation
    The Financial Accounting Foundation, headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, stands as an independent private sector organization committed to ensuring objectivity and integrity in financial reporting standards. Thomas, a trustee since an earlier date, took the helm as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees on Jan. 1, 2020. His leadership underscores a dedication to philanthropy, extending beyond the financial sector to causes such as Rush University Medical Center and Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry.

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