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7 companies owned by multimillionaire Black tech executive Merline Saintil

From shaping tech giants to leading IPOs, Saintil's influence extends beyond boardrooms, encompassing space exploration, justice advocacy, and innovative startups

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Merline Saintil

Merline Saintil — a top figure in the tech industry who ranks as one of the richest Black executives in the United States — has made a significant impact in the tech industry. With an impressive career spanning Fortune 500 companies such as Intuit, Yahoo!, PayPal, Adobe, Joyent, and Sun Microsystems, she played a key role in steering these tech giants through rapid growth phases.

Currently serving as the Lead Independent Director at Rocket Lab, a leading space exploration company, Saintil guides its strategic direction in space technology. Her portfolio includes board positions at TD Synnex, a Fortune 100 company, GitLab, Symbotic, and Evolv Technology — three of the six companies she led through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Beyond her corporate achievements, Merline Saintil is known for her commitment to justice and fairness. She extends her impact to the production of documentaries and supporting Stanford Women’s Soccer games — showcasing her diverse interests outside the corporate sphere.

Saintil’s transformative journey from discovering computer science in college to becoming a Silicon Valley executive is a reflection of her dedication and commitment. In 2020, she co-founded Black Women on Boards (BWOB) to address barriers faced by Black female executives seeking public company board roles, successfully placing 30 board members through the organization.

Recognized as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Leadership for 2022 and among the Top 10 voices to follow in the United States, Saintil’s insights on technology trends, innovation, strategy, cyber risk, and digital transformation resonate widely across major media outlets. Her stake in top tech companies, valued at millions of dollars, underscores her influence in the corporate landscape.

Billionaires.Africa unveils seven companies either founded or partially owned by Merline Saintil, showcasing her multifaceted influence on technology, investment, and digital transformation for the next generation. Each company mirrors her strategic brilliance and steadfast commitment to innovative technologies, excellence, and effecting positive global change.

  1. Black Women on Boards (BWOB)
    In 2020, Merline Saintil co-founded Black Women on Boards (BWOB), a global organization with a robust network of over 200 executives. On a mission to dismantle unseen barriers for Black female executives in securing positions on public company boards, BWOB’s membership now spans Fortune 500 and pre-IPO companies. The organization has successfully appointed 30 board members, showcasing its commitment to empowering accomplished individuals and fostering lasting generational impact.
  1. TD SYNNEX Corporation
    TD SYNNEX Corporation, a merger between Synnex and Tech Data Corporation, stands as a powerhouse in information technology services. Merline Saintil owns a 0.0051-percent stake equivalent to 4,535 ordinary shares in the group, solidifying her position in the multinational distribution and IT services giant.
  1. GitLab, Inc.
    At GitLab Inc., an open-core company driving DevOps innovation, Merline Saintil holds a 0.0080-percent stake, representing 8,369 ordinary shares. GitLab’s software package facilitates the development, security, and operation of software, aligning with Merline’s vision for cutting-edge tech solutions.
  1. Symbotic, Inc.
    In robotics and warehouse automation, Merline Saintil owns a minority 0.068 percent of 55,000 ordinary shares in Symbotic Inc. This American company, specializing in industrial machinery and equipment, employs artificial intelligence to build and operate automated warehouse systems, a testament to Merline’s commitment to transformative technologies.
  1. Rocket Lab USA, Inc.
    Rocket Lab, Inc. is a publicly traded aerospace manufacturer and launch service provider that operates and launches lightweight Electron orbital rockets used to provide dedicated launch services for small satellites. Merline owns 0.091 percent equivalent to 439,922 ordinary shares in the aerospace and defense company.
  2. Evolv Technologies Holdings, Inc.
    Merline Saintil’s strategic holdings include a 0.042-percent stake, representing 62,994 ordinary shares, in Evolv Technologies Holdings, Inc. This company, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, focuses on communications and networking, developing AI-based touch-less screening technologies for weapons detection, identity verification, and health-related threats.
  1. Alkami Technology, Inc.
    In the realm of cloud-based digital banking solutions, Merline Saintil owns a 0.016-percent stake, equivalent to 15,139 ordinary shares, in Alkami Technology, Inc. This IT services and consulting company, catering to both retail and business users in the United States, aligns with Merline’s commitment to advancing technology in the financial sector.

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