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Rising above giants: Tyrese Haliburton’s stellar performance outshines NBA veterans like Stephen Curry

Haliburton vs. Curry: A New Era in NBA Stardom

by Victor Adetimilehin
Tyler H

The NBA is more exciting than usual, and it’s all thanks to an incredible young star, Tyrese Haliburton. Haliburton is causing sports veterans, fans, and analysts to redefine the concepts and relationship between value and performance in the NBA. He doesn’t just play ball; he’s redefining stardom. This becomes especially evident when you compare his performance with favourites like Stephen Curry.

Haliburton’s Mind-Blowing Ascent

Haliburton rose through the ranks like a Disney fairy tale. His performance, according to the Global Rating System (GRS), is remarkable. The GRS evaluates players based on their individual performance and their contributions to team success, denominated by their yearly salary. According to Essentially Sports, Haliburton is now outplaying Curry, the guy with the golden touch, both on the court and in the bank. Curry’s enviable four-year deal with the Warriors made him a cool $51.9 million for the 2023-24 season. However, at number 20 in the GRS with a score of 19.59.

Haliburton is the real deal, a maximised investment. While earning just $5.8 million this season, he is ranked nine points ahead of Curry at number 11 with a score of 24.45. This is a significant disparity that shows that you don’t need a mega salary to be a mega player, and maybe the most valuable investment may not always be the most expensive. Our case study, Haliburton, shows that he is efficiently and consistently delivering a performance that would be considered beyond his pay grade.

Curry’s Huge Contract – But Is It Too Much?

Curry’s deal, a whopping $215-million extension for four years with the Warriors, is a big statement. The 34-year-old is undoubtedly a real class act on the court, averaging 28.5 points and 7.1 assists from game to game and earning a massive paycheck compared to his peers. His current contract will pay him a massive $59,646,222 in the final year when he will be 38.

Haliburton’s Future – Hopeful with prospect

Haliburton, who is presently finishing up his rookie contract, is an underdog. Averaging 25.3 points and 12.3 assists this season, he’s proving that he is made up of star power, showing the world that he also has a magic touch. The shrewd team management at the Pacers is not blind to his growing abilities; they’ve locked him down with a five-year extension valued at $260 million. They want him to continuously contribute significantly to the team until the 2028-29 season. 

Who to watch

The Global Rating definitely is not just about Haliburton and Curry; it’s shining a light on the entire league — the who’s whos. There are goliaths like Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Luka Doncic — all MVP contenders and earning big — “in the $50-million range” big. Next, there are phenomenon guys like John Wall, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, and Blake Griffin — also big earners, but in the $30-million range. However, they’re plagued with struggles ranging from injuries to efficiency or team fit to skyrocket their star power.

Haliburton’s story is one of grit, talent, and rising against the odds; it is an American story in many respects. Rising from an unknown budget rookie to a superstar with a bank-busting contract. His story is a beacon of hope in the NBA, reminding everyone that skill, passion, and hard work can take you to the stars, no matter the size of your first paycheck.

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