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Merline Saintil shatters glass ceilings as a Black woman in global tech leadership

Boosting the growth and earnings of fortune 500 companies and other tech giants through strategic innovation and leadership as a woman of color

by Adenike Adeodun
Merline Saintil

Growing up as a poor girl in Haiti, Merline Saintil never imagined that she would work with world-class engineers and be named among the outstanding tech leaders in the world. Considering the traditional metrics for success, she was not destined for success, at least not globally. Saintil’s encounter with computer science at a career fair marked a turning point in her life, steering her towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and a Master of Science in Software Engineering Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Saintil’s journey in Silicon Valley began at Sun Microsystems as a software engineer. Her role here laid the groundwork for what would become a series of leadership positions across some of the tech industry’s most iconic companies, including Intuit, Yahoo!, PayPal, Adobe, and Joyent. In each role, Saintil didn’t just bring her technical skills; she brought strategic vision and innovation.

Currently, she is the Lead Independent Director of Rocket Lab, a space exploration firm, and serves on the boards of TD Synnex, GitLab, Symbotic, and Evolv Technology.

Saintil’s influence in the tech world has garnered widespread recognition. She was named a LinkedIn Top Voice in Leadership in 2022 and featured by major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Forbes for her insights on technology trends, strategy, and digital transformation. In addition to these, Billionaires.Africa highlights her other achievements and recognitions: 2023 Worth Magazine’s Worthy 100, 2022 NACD Directorship 100™, 2021 Most Influential Black Corporate Director by Savoy Magazine, 2019 Most Influential Corporate Board Directors by Women’s, Inc. 2017 Women of Influence by Silicon Valley Business Journal, Business Insider: #6 of the 22 Most Powerful Women Engineers in the World, and the Lifetime Achievement Award by Girls in Tech.

Apart from her corporate achievements, Saintil is a notable angel investor, nurturing the growth of over 30 startups. She is now launching a fund focusing on enterprise technology, the future of work, and health tech.

Saintil’s philanthropic endeavors are equally noteworthy. She is an Advisor on the 2023 CNBC Changemakers Advisory Board She co-founded Black Women on Boards (BWOB) in 2020, an organization dedicated to increasing the representation of Black women on corporate boards. BWOB has successfully placed nearly 40 members in various board roles as of October 2023.

Outside her professional life, Saintil is a passionate supporter of the next generation and enjoys attending Stanford Women’s Soccer games, where her daughter plays.

Saintil often speaks about her unique journey and the challenges of being a woman of color in a predominantly male-dominated field. Her narrative is one of resilience and unwavering ambition.

Saintil describes her path as an unlikely journey, not defined by her beginnings but by her relentless pursuit of success. “My story is not impossible, but one many would consider improbable,” she says. Her approach to career advancement has been proactive and fearless. “Do not wait until you belong somewhere to go for it. If you are waiting for permission to be powerful or to achieve your dreams, you will be waiting a long time,” Saintil advises.

Her resilience and constant striving for improvement have been central to her success. Saintil emphasizes the importance of persistence, sharing that she has learned to maintain her efforts consistently over the years.

Additionally, Saintil is passionate about supporting and encouraging women in tech, particularly those from underrepresented groups. She believes that success is not contingent on privilege. “You don’t need to be privileged to be successful. Find something that gives you energy. Be intentional and keep digging until you find it. Because once you find it, you will be unstoppable!” she asserts.

Saintil’s story and advocacy work continues to inspire and pave the way for greater diversity in the technology sector.

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