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Botswana tycoon Farouk Ismail gains $3 million from Choppies stake

by Yusuf Abdulfatai
Farouk Ismail

One of Botswana’s leading business tycoons, Farouk Ismail, has recently witnessed a remarkable turnaround in his financial fortunes as his stake in Choppies Enterprises, Botswana’s largest supermarket chain, experienced a significant upswing.

The surge in Choppies’ stock prices on the Botswana Stock Exchange led to an impressive increase in Ismail’s net worth by almost $3 million.

According to data tracked by Billionaires.Africa, the market value of Ismail’s stake in Choppies Enterprises has grown by BWP40.75 million ($2.97 million), over the past 35 days.

This substantial increase marks a striking reversal of fortunes for the Botswana businessman, who earlier this year saw the market value of his Choppies stake plummet by millions of dollars, primarily due to a sustained decline in the company’s shares.

Choppies Enterprises, founded in 1986 by Ismail and Ramachandran Ottapathu, has transformed from a humble store known as “Wayside Supermarket” to become Botswana’s largest supermarket chain and one of the prominent retailers in Africa.

With a presence in eight countries and a centralized distribution network spanning South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Kenya, Choppies Enterprises offers its customers a wide range of international food brands and private-label products.

Ismail, a top figure among Botswana’s wealthiest individuals, not only co-founded Choppies but also holds the position of deputy chairman within the organization. His significant stake in the Gaborone-based retail giant amounts to 14.99 percent, which translates to 271,691,921 shares.

The recent surge in Choppies’ stock prices on the Botswana Stock Exchange has been remarkable, with shares increasing by 25.86 percent, from BWP0.58 ($0.044) on Sept. 8 to BWP0.73 ($0.055) at the time of writing. This has resulted in substantial gains for shareholders, including Farouk Ismail.

Consequently, the market value of Ismail’s stake in the retail giant has increased by BWP40.75 million ($2.97 million) in recent times, rising from BWP157.6 million ($11.5 million) on September 8 to BWP198.34 million ($14.45 million) at the time of writing.

This surge has solidified Ismail’s standing as one of Botswana’s most affluent businessmen and highlights the remarkable resilience and potential for growth within Choppies Enterprises, Botswana’s retail giant.

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