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Nigerian tycoon Obafoluke Otudeko in distress as Ecobank hunts for assets

Meanwhile, Otudeko has described the lawsuit as an abuse of court processes.

Nigerian tycoon Obafoluke Otudeko’s stake in Honeywell Flour Mills gains $3.6 million in June

The gains are linked to the recent rise in the flour miller’s share price on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Nigerian tycoon Obafoluke Otudeko, son to earn $1.02 million in Honeywell dividends

Otudeko founded the integrated flour milling company in 1985.

First Bank Nigeria’s new top exec Urum Kalu Eke buys huge tranche of shares just weeks after Central Bank backlash

The move is raising some eyebrows, while others say it's just "business as usual."

Controversy over First Bank of Nigeria’s clash with regulator stirs bank run

A bank run has started at First Bank of Nigeria after a recent scandal concerning its board of directors and the Central Bank.


South African banker Alan Pullinger’s salary at FirstRand amounts to $2.7 million in 2023

Pullinger’s ascent to the CEO role in 2018 came after three years as deputy CEO of FirstRand, a position he assumed in October 2015.

Khaby Lame emerges as one of 2023’s top earners, amassing $16.5 million

Lame's claim to fame revolves around his unique comedy skits that humorously debunk overly complex “life hacks” entirely without uttering a word.

4 companies owned by Kendrick Lamar

Beyond his groundbreaking contributions to the music industry, Lamar subtly and strategically diversifies his financial portfolio.

Greek multimillionaire John Coumantaros gains $10.5 million from Flour mills stake

Coumantaros ranked as one of the richest investors on the Nigerian Exchange, owns a 63.34-percent stake in Flour Mills.