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Moroccan tech tycoon Karim Benjelloun gains over $1 million from stake in Disway

At the end of 2021, Disway, Morocco's first technology distributor, recorded a revenue of about $190 million.

Moroccan tech tycoon Karim Benjelloun’s Disway sees over $193 million in revenue in 2021

Disway's market cap is $150.3 million, while Benjelloun's 7.36-percent stake is worth $11.1 million.

Moroccan tycoon Karim Benjelloun’s Disway reports $119.1 million in revenue despite chip shortages

The company reported a growth in revenue as chip shortages rock the global technology industry.

Moroccan tycoon Karim Benjelloun gains nearly $3 million in three months as Disway shares surge

Disway is Morocco’s first technology distributor and a leading computer hardware distributor in the Maghreb region.

Moroccan tycoon Karim Benjelloun gains $1.7 million as shares in Disway SA surge to all-time high

Disway SA is the first technology distributor in Morocco, Africa’s fifth-largest economy in terms of GDP. 


South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe-linked TymeBank surpasses 7 million customers

TymeBank is a South African digital-only bank controlled by Africa's first Black billionaire.

Kenyan tycoon John Kimani gains $3.7 million in 45 days

Kimani, known for his diverse investment portfolio, owns a 34.54-percent stake, equivalent to 6,762,133 shares, in Kakuzi. 

Hip-hop’s first billionaire Jay-Z scores legal win, pocketing $7.2 million

The legal saga began in 2016 when Parlux, renowned for its ties with pop culture icons and fashion houses, filed a lawsuit against Jay-Z.

World’s richest Black woman Oprah Winfrey settles trademark lawsuit over ‘Oprahdemics’ podcast

Despite losing more than $100 million in 2022, the “Queen of Talk” remains the World’s richest Black woman.