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Nigerian telecom mogul Bashir Ahmad El-Rufai controls $11-million stake in IHS Towers

The businessman played a key role in the deregulation of the country's telecom industry in the early 2000s.

Sam Darwish’s IHS Towers suffers over $26 million in losses in 2021

IHS Towers is a leading telecom infrastructure group.

U.S.-Nigerian telecom tycoon Sam Darwish’s IHS Towers suffers $30 million in losses during Q3 2021

IHS Towers is the largest telecom infrastructure group in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East by tower count.

Shares in telecom tycoon Sam Darwish’s IHS Towers plunge 18 percent after recent IPO on NYSE

The listing still managed to raise $378 million to fund the company's growth plans.

Sam Darwish’s IHS Towers makes moves to erect and lease telecom towers in Egypt

IHS Towers is a Nigeria-based telecommunication infrastructure company, operating internationally.


Kenyan tycoon John Kimani gains $3.7 million in 45 days

Kimani, known for his diverse investment portfolio, owns a 34.54-percent stake, equivalent to 6,762,133 shares, in Kakuzi. 

Hip-hop’s first billionaire Jay-Z scores legal win, pocketing $7.2 million

The legal saga began in 2016 when Parlux, renowned for its ties with pop culture icons and fashion houses, filed a lawsuit against Jay-Z.

World’s richest Black woman Oprah Winfrey settles trademark lawsuit over ‘Oprahdemics’ podcast

Despite losing more than $100 million in 2022, the “Queen of Talk” remains the World’s richest Black woman.

Burkinabe tycoon Idrissa Nassa’s Coris Bank acquires Societe Generale’s assets in Mauritania, Chad

The latest move places Nassa-led bank as a key player among the new generation of emerging lenders.