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Africa’s first Black billionaire Patrice Motsepe’s net worth rebounds with $200-million surge

Motsepe's substantial stake of 89,092,411 ordinary shares in ARM constitutes most of his current $2.6-billion fortune.

Patrice Motsepe’s fortune takes hit, shrinks by $100 million and plunges below $2.5 billion

Despite seeing his net worth decline by $800 million since the start of 2023, Motsepe continues to demonstrate his commitment to philanthropy. 

Africa’s first Black billionaire Patrice Motsepe loses $800 million

Motsepe's net worth falls by $800 million as African Rainbow Minerals shares decline.

South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe’s net worth slumps by $500 million in 2023

Motsepe remains the richest Black person in Southern Africa.

South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe to pocket $67.1 million dividend from ARM

Motsepe owns a 39.7-percent stake in the diversified mining group.


7 companies linked to South African tycoon Sim Tshabalala

Billionaires.Africa has discerned five enterprises in which Sim Tshabalala assumes directorial or executive responsibilities:

Dangote’s stepbrother, Sayyu Dantata, gains $2.4 million from MRS stake in 48 hours

Sayyu Dantata owns an impressive 60 percent of MRS Oil Nigeria Limited, through his investment company, MRS Africa Holdings.

Firm linked to Africa’s first Black billionaire Patrice Motsepe to build $132-million solar plant

Through African Rainbow Energy, Motsepe owns an indirect 40-percent stake in SOLA Group.

5 companies owned by Morgan Freeman

Billionaires.Africa highlights five companies under Morgan Freeman's ownership, cementing his status as an entertainment and business titan.