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6 business ventures owned by Dwight Howard

A delve into former NBA star Dwight Howard’s investments in Pixstory, Tapiture and other businesses

by Victor Adetimilehin

The illustrious journey of Dwight Howard, a towering figure in basketball, began in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was nurtured in a family blessed with athletic abilities. Deciding to enter the 2004 NBA Draft over collegiate basketball after a stellar high school career in Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, where he won the Naismith Prep Player of the Year Award and other notable awards, Howard’s selection as the first overall pick by the Orlando Magic in 2004 marked the beginning of an NBA journey decorated with accolades and achievements: an NBA championship, eight All-Star selections, and three Defensive Player of the Year awards, among others. His tenure with the Magic, characterized by his unparalleled dominance on the court and an eventful journey to the NBA Finals in 2009, set the stage for subsequent chapters with several NBA franchises, including the Los Angeles Lakers with whom he clinched an NBA title in 2020.

Beyond the boundaries of the NBA, Howard’s career transcended international waters, leading him to the Taoyuan Leopards in Taiwan, where his impact was immediate and profound, resulting in recognition as the Most Valuable Import to the T1 League for the 2022–23 season. In 2024, he signed with the Mets de Guaynabo of the Baloncesto Superior Nacional, a testament to his enduring excellence and versatility on the court. Off the hardwood, Howard’s commitment to philanthropy and his community, along with his honest acknowledgment of personal growth and challenges, paints a portrait of a man who transcends the sport of basketball, striving to leave a long lasting mark both as an athlete and a human being.


Dwight Howard’s Jayde Life Investment Group is an inspirational enterprise that positions itself at the forefront of financial wellness and wealth preservation. Founded and helmed by Howard, this firm is a cornerstone for athletes and high net worth individuals aiming to secure and grow their financial future. Jayde Life is dedicated to the mission of enriching its clients with robust financial knowledge, guiding them through the complexities of wealth management with the aim of safeguarding their financial legacy against the unpredictable currents of the economy.


In 2014, Howard was part of a $2.25 million seed round funding of Tapiture led by West Los Angeles capital venture firm Jump Investors, an investment which has catapulted Tapiture into the spotlight as a dynamic platform where visual splendor meets practicality, serving as a vibrant marketplace for those seeking to saturate their lives with beauty through inspired finds and innovative products. Howard’s role as an investor is pivotal in shaping Tapiture into a hub where users come together to explore a carefully crafted selection of ideas, goods, and artistic expressions. This initiative is building a thriving community anchored in the appreciation of aesthetic brilliance and functionality, showcasing Howard’s vision of merging artistic discovery with tangible utility in a seamless digital experience.


Since its inception in 2016, Press Pray Entertainment has been a beacon of Dwight Howard’s visionary leadership and creative ambition. Under his guidance as the founder, this illustrious company has dedicated itself to the art of storytelling that not only transcends the mundane but elevates the very act of narrative creation to a sacred engagement between the teller and the told.


Beyond Beyond Films marks another chapter in Howard’s journey through the creative realm, as the owner and founder, he pioneers new frontiers in cinema. This entity is dedicated to transcending the conventional boundaries of filmmaking, endeavoring to explore the unreached territories of the human mind and experience, through a lens that captures the indescribable beauty of the beyond, crafting films that are not merely watched but are profoundly felt and lived.


Pixstory, with the support of Dwight Howard’s investment, unfolds as a pioneering social media platform dedicated to redefining the landscape of digital interaction. It is dedicated to the principles of authenticity and integrity, striving to combat the prevalent issue of misinformation. By investing in Pixstory, Howard plays a crucial role in fostering a digital environment where truth prevails, and ethical standards are upheld. The platform positions itself as a haven for users seeking genuine stories, free from the distortions and manipulations that often plague online content. Pixstory’s mission is not only to provide a space for honest discourse but also to inspire a movement towards greater accountability in the digital domain, making it a beacon for those advocating for transparency and accuracy in social media.


In late January 2024, Dwight Howard, ventured into the digital collectibles space with the introduction of “Ballers,” an NFT series developed on the Avalanche blockchain. This initiative, however, encountered criticism regarding the artistic quality, prompting Ava Labs to clarify its association with the project. Subsequently, Howard unveiled a digital asset named “BALL,” which saw its value dramatically decline to nearly negligible levels shortly after its launch. Moreover, the aftermath of this release has been a noticeable lack of transactions involving the token, and the deletion of its listing on the X platform, signaling challenges in Howard’s foray into the cryptocurrency and NFT market.

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