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5 business ventures owned by DeAndre Ayton

A look into NBA player, DeAndre Ayton’s venture into media, agriculture, technology

by Victor Adetimilehin

DeAndre Edoneille Ayton, Sr., with roots deeply tied up in the rich heritage of the Bahamas, Nigeria, and Jamaica, embarked on a remarkable journey from the energetic landscapes of the Caribbean to the competitive arenas of the NBA. This journey, which began from the sunny streets of San Diego to the tough collegiate basketball rounds of Arizona, showcased the emergence of an outstanding figure in the sport. Ayton’s early triumphs, including his accolades as the Freshman of the Year and the Pac-12 Player of the Year with the Arizona Wildcats, originated in his rise as the Phoenix Suns’ first overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft. His initiation into the professional league was marked by significant achievements, summing up into an All-Rookie First Team selection and indicating the origin of a promising legacy.

The narrative of Ayton transcends the confines of individual achievements, embodying a sincere commitment to collaborative success and the relentless pursuit of excellence. His pivotal role in propelling the Suns to their first NBA Finals in almost 30 years, in 2021, a feat unparalleled in recent history, underscores his impact on and off the court. Ayton’s involvements and engagements outside basketball is a reflection of s deep connection to his cultural roots, with endeavors that resonate across communities, from the Bahamas to the global stage.


DeAndre Ayton has put capital into Proto, a firm celebrated for its pioneering hologram technology. He stands among more than 57 athletes, both current and former, such as Marshawn Lynch, Luke Walton, Brianna Stewart, and Brittney Griner, who have also chosen to invest in Proto. Proto is the world’s first and only holographic communications platform with its own hardware, software and app ecosystem. The Company is growing very quickly and won the 2022 SXSW Innovation Award for ‘Connecting People’ and also received the first patent on their approach to creating & displaying holographic content.


DeAndre Ayton formed a partnership with Shamrock Farms, the largest family-owned and operated dairy in the Southwest, and their Rockin’ Protein brand, marking the start of a collaboration that saw him featured in various promotional efforts. This alliance, unveiled on Dec. 18, 2018, positioned Ayton as an advocate for Rockin’ Protein, aligning his nutritional preferences with the brand’s protein-rich offerings.


DeAndre Ayton is part of a group of over 25 NBA players who have invested in Overtime, a sports media company focusing on the next generation of athletes and fans through innovative content and a high-school basketball league, with the company raising $80 million in a Series C funding from Ayton and other investors.


Fox Restaurant Concepts collaborated with Ayton and his family to introduce a Caribbean sea bass dish, crafted by Ayton’s mother, across their dining venues. This venture aimed to unite fans through culinary experiences, highlighting Ayton’s ties to his cultural roots and passion for cuisine.


DeAndre Ayton is listed on platforms like All American Speakers Bureau, a full-service talent booking agency, specifically focused on the needs of event professionals looking to book keynote speakers and corporate entertainment for their events; and Athlete Speakers, providing details on how to book him for speaking events, personal appearances, and corporate functions. These sites facilitate contacting Ayton’s representative to secure his involvement in both physical and digital gatherings.

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