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Namibian tycoon Sven Thieme’s O&L invests in Germany’s largest floating Solar Park

by Yusuf Abdulfatai
Sven Thieme

Namibia’s largest privately held company, Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, led by Namibian businessman Sven Thieme, has announced its investment in Germany’s largest floating solar park in a strategic move to bolster its presence in the renewable energy sector.

Facilitated through one of O&L’s subsidiaries, O&L Nexentury, the venture marks a milestone for the group’s foray into sustainable energy initiatives. The project, situated in Germany, is poised to become the country’s grandest floating solar park, representing a collaborative effort between O&L Nexentury, O&L Europe SE, and Phillip & Co. KG.

With a focus on environmentally responsible development, the endeavor aligns with O&L’s commitment to fostering sustainable solutions and contributing positively to societal and ecological welfare.

O&L Group’s Sven Thieme lauds green energy venture as milestone towards sustainability

Sven Thieme, executive director of O&L Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, hailing it as a remarkable milestone in the company’s collective journey towards sustainability. “This investment underscores our dedication to embracing renewable energy sources and signifies our commitment to driving positive change,” Thieme said. “Through collaboration with our partners, O&L Europe SE and Phillip & Co. KG, we aim to set new standards in green energy initiatives.”

Sabrina Steinhauser, spokesperson for O&L Europe, echoed Thieme’s sentiments, emphasizing the project’s significance in promoting environmentally meaningful initiatives. “Our mission revolves around sustainable and ethically responsible development,” Steinhauser said. “Investments in projects like the Philippsee floating PV system exemplify our dedication to fostering a more sustainable future.”

O&L Group’s floating solar park signals shift towards clean energy dominance

The project is poised to make a substantial impact on Germany’s renewable energy landscape, positioning itself as the country’s largest floating PV system. With its innovative approach to solar energy generation, the initiative represents a step forward in harnessing clean energy while mitigating environmental impact.

As global efforts intensify to combat climate change and transition towards renewable energy sources, O&L Group’s investment in the Philippsee floating solar park underscores its commitment to sustainability and its proactive stance in shaping a greener future for generations to come

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