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5 businesses owned by Don Cheadle

How Cheadle uses his platform for meaningful global change

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe
Don Cheadle's entrepreneurial ventures

Don Cheadle, a Kansas City native born, has become a standout force in American cinema, with a career that spans acting, directing, and activism. His creative roots were nurtured in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Denver, Colorado, setting him on a path that would lead to a diverse and acclaimed career.

Cheadle’s journey in the industry began with his SAG card for a role in “Moving Violations” (1985), with early notable roles in “Hill Street Blues” and “Hamburger Hill” showcasing his emerging talent. His portrayal of Mouse Alexander in “Devil in a Blue Dress” (1995) brought wider recognition and awards, while his roles in “Rosewood,” “Boogie Nights,” and as Sammy Davis Jr. in “The Rat Pack” (1998) further solidified his standing, the latter earning him a Golden Globe.

The 2000s saw Cheadle in impactful roles in “Traffic,” the “Ocean’s Trilogy,” and a critically acclaimed performance as Paul Rusesabagina in “Hotel Rwanda” (2004), which netted him an Academy Award nomination. Transitioning into superhero cinema, Cheadle became James “Rhodey” Rhodes/War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in multiple blockbusters and Disney+ series.

Cheadle’s directorial and producing venture “Miles Ahead” (2016) about Miles Davis, alongside his Golden Globe-winning role in “House of Lies” and recent work in “No Sudden Move” and “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” showcase his enduring influence. Cheadle’s compelling performances have earned him a myriad of accolades, including two Grammy Awards, a Tony Award, two Golden Globes, and two SAG Awards, along with nominations for an Academy Award, BAFTAs, and Emmys, placing him on the prestigious path to EGOT status. His acting versatility, coupled with his dedication to humanitarian causes like the crisis in Darfur, highlights a career that transcends entertainment, cementing Don Cheadle’s legacy as a multifaceted artist committed to making a significant impact both on and off the screen.

Here at BillionaireAfrica, we share insight into some of his entrepreneurial ventures and investments.


Don Cheadle’s Radicle Act stands as a shining example in the entertainment industry, redefining traditional storytelling to spotlight societal issues and advocate for justice. This company embodies Cheadle’s deep commitment to crafting cinema with a purpose, expanding his renowned acting career into the realms of production and content creation with a clear mission. Radicle Act is celebrated for its dedication to creating content that doesn’t just entertain but also tackles significant societal issues, mirroring Cheadle’s passion for meaningful storytelling.

Through a key partnership with Industrial Media, Radicle Act broadens its influence, generating captivating television and digital content aimed to engage, educate, and motivate audiences everywhere. Additionally, Cheadle’s efforts to adapt “Amari and the Night Brothers” with Universal Pictures highlight his steadfast dedication to nurturing stories enriched with empowerment and adventure. This initiative shows that entertainment is more than just amusement; it’s a potent tool for social commentary and transformation.

Guided by Cheadle, Radicle Act transforms from just a production company into a force for social change, harnessing storytelling’s power to question the norm and ignite a spark in the next generation of viewers.

Don Cheadle’s Radicle Act transcends traditional storytelling, spotlighting societal issues and advocating justice, showcasing his dedication to cinema with purpose. Through Radicle Act’s collaboration with Industrial Media, Cheadle ventures beyond acting to produce impactful TV and digital content. His involvement in adapting “Amari and the Night Brothers” with Universal Pictures further illustrates his commitment to meaningful narratives. Cheadle, with Radicle Act, emerges not just as an actor but as a catalyst for social change and creative storytelling.


In 2021, Don Cheadle made a strategic investment in Genexa, a pioneering company leading the charge in transforming the healthcare sector with a focus on clean, sustainable ingredients. Genexa stands out for its commitment to manufacturing over-the-counter medicines devoid of artificial preservatives, colors, and fillers, underscoring the importance of transparency and safety in healthcare products.


Don Cheadle transcends his acclaimed acting roles to impact global humanitarian efforts significantly, notably co-writing “Not On Our Watch” with John Prendergast. This influential book reflects Cheadle’s strong dedication to addressing human rights violations, focusing on the Darfur genocide. It not only enlightens readers about the atrocities in Sudan’s Darfur region but also provides practical guidance for ordinary individuals to contribute to stopping mass atrocities, driving home the message that everyone has a role in fostering change.

By dedicating a portion of the book’s proceeds to the Enough Project, an initiative born from the collaboration between the International Crisis Group and the Center for American Progress, Don Cheadle solidifies his role as a philanthropist committed to ending genocide and mass atrocities.


Don Cheadle’s foray into real estate demonstrates his keen strategic insight, highlighted by significant dealings, including the sale of his property in Marina Del Rey and the judicious purchase of a thoughtfully reimagined home in Venice, Los Angeles. This Venice residence, celebrated for its commitment to sustainable design and innovative use of space, has earned praise and recognition in leading architectural magazines.


Don Cheadle, a figure celebrated not only for his compelling performances on screen but also for his dedicated activism, is a sought-after speaker at various forums, ranging from industry panels and university lectures to esteemed platforms like American Artist Entertainment and All American Speakers. In these engagements, Cheadle shares insights into his diverse career spanning acting, directing, and producing, alongside his vigorous advocacy for environmental sustainability and social justice.

Cheadle leverages speaking platforms to dissect the responsibility of artists in society, the power of storytelling in enacting change, and the importance of engaging with global issues through a local lens. His talks often highlight his journey in the entertainment industry, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and triumphs of his projects, including his work with Radicle Act to produce content that transcends entertainment to provoke thought and inspire action.

Beyond film and television, Cheadle’s participation in discussions at academic institutions and conferences emphasizes his role as an influencer in the conversation on climate change and humanitarian efforts. These speaking opportunities not only stresses Cheadle’s influence as a thought leader in leveraging celebrity for advocacy but also contribute to his broader impact, extending his reach beyond traditional celebrity activism to effect tangible societal change.

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