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Africa’s largest salt mine owner advocates for secure global pharmaceutical salt supply

Revolutionizing salt production: Daniel McKorley's vision for high-tech harvesting

by Omokolade Ajayi
Daniel McKorley

Ghanaian tycoon Daniel McKorley, the influential owner of Africa’s largest salt mine, Electrochem Salt Mine, took center stage as a special guest of honor at the world’s premier salt conference held in India. The conference, a gathering for industry leaders, saw McKorley emphasize the critical role of salt in diverse sectors, especially pharmaceuticals.

Championing collaboration among key stakeholders, McKorley not only chaired the conference’s session but delivered a speech on the global salt industry, production technologies, and transport logistics.

Revolutionizing salt production: Daniel McKorley’s vision for high-tech harvesting

Addressing the pressing need for technological advancements, McKorley proposed investing in research and development for innovative salt harvesting techniques. This includes automated mining, drone technology, and advanced purification methods. These initiatives, he argued, would enhance efficiency, productivity, and minimize the environmental impact of salt production.

In the realm of transport logistics, McKorley advocated for sustainable solutions, suggesting the electrification of transportation fleets, renewable energy utilization, and smart logistics systems to optimize routes and reduce carbon emissions. These measures, he contended, would meet demand effectively while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

McKorley also emphasized the expansion of market opportunities by tapping into new salt sources like brine mining. He encouraged partnerships with brine mining companies and exploring innovative applications for salt products beyond traditional markets, such as renewable energy storage and biotechnology.

Electrochem Ghana’s vision: Scaling salt production to two million tonnes by 2025

McKorley’s speech follows the announcement of Electrochem Ghana’s plans to employ an additional 2,500 workers for manual mining in 2024. The move is part of ongoing efforts to enhance production, with a goal of reaching an annual production of two million tonnes by 2027.

Electrochem Ghana, a subsidiary of the McDan Group, has played a key role in revitalizing the Ada Songor salt concession. With a 15-year lease, the company aims to increase production to one million metric tons in 2024 and two million by 2025. The operational Electrochem Salt Washing Plant, an $88-million investment, boasts 99.99 percent purity, making it the largest in Africa.

In his closing remarks, Daniel McKorley at the conference highlighted the potential of solar salt and marine chemicals technologies for sustainable production, urging increased support for research and development initiatives.

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