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Companies owned by London-based South African billionaire Manfred Gorvy

Billionaires.Africa highlights companies linked to Gorvy, showcasing his diverse and impactful business portfolio

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Manfred Gorvy

South African-born billionaire Manfred Gorvy calls London home while making waves across the globe. Since founding Hanover Acceptances in 1974, he has made a significant contribution to the world of business, dividing his time between London and South Africa, leaving an indelible mark on the international business scene.

Armed with a degree from the University of Witwatersrand, Gorvy showcased financial acumen at Townsview Estates, setting the stage for his remarkable journey. From humble beginnings, he transformed Hanover Acceptances into a global powerhouse, with diversified interests in companies like Dorrington Plc, Refresco Gerber, African Realty Trust, and Fresh Capital.

As Hanover Acceptances’ Chairman, Gorvy’s adept leadership navigated strategic acquisitions, weathering market shifts and economic challenges. His influence spans real estate, mining, finance, and healthcare, securing him the 200th spot on the UK’s richest list with an £889-million ($1.12 billion) fortune in 2023.

Beyond business, Gorvy delves into private equity, venture capital, and philanthropy, focusing on education, healthcare, and cultural initiatives. His guidance has steered Hanover Acceptances through managing billions in assets, solidifying his status as one of South Africa’s wealthiest.

Gorvy’s entrepreneurial journey embodies resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to impactful change. His legacy shapes industries and inspires the next generation of leaders.

Billionaires.Africa highlights various companies linked to Gorvy, showcasing his diverse and impactful business portfolio:

  1. Hanover Acceptances Group
    Hanover Acceptances, founded by Gorvy in 1974, stands as a multifaceted holding company. Specializing in investment strategy, asset management, acquisitions, and financial planning, it has been a stalwart in property, agribusiness, and financial investments. Gorvy presently serves as the chairman, with his eldest son, Sean Gorvy, holding the position of CEO at Hanover Acceptances.
  1. Dorrington
    Established in 1936 and now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hanover Acceptances Limited, Dorrington is a leading investor and developer in both residential and commercial properties in the UK. Its journey from a public listing in 1959 to private ownership in 1980 reflects its evolution under Gorvy’s strategic guidance. Under Gorvy’s leadership, Dorrington has expanded and diversified its investments, becoming a significant player in the UK property market.
  1. Refresco Gerber
    Gorvy’s influence extended to the global beverage industry through his stake in Refresco Gerber, Europe’s largest soft drinks maker and bottler. Though he divested his stake, the company remains a key player with operations spanning Europe, North America, and managed by the KKR Group. Gorvy’s strategic involvement played a pivotal role in shaping Refresco Gerber into a powerhouse in the beverage solutions sector.
  1. African Realty Trust
    Established in 1902, African Realty Trust, based in Limpopo province, is a cornerstone of Southern Africa’s citrus industry. As a leading citrus grower, exporter, and juice processor, it stands testament to Gorvy’s commitment to agricultural ventures in South Africa. Letaba Citrus Processors, part of African Realty Trust, is a key player in the South African citrus-packing industry.
  1. Fresh Capital
    Fresh Capital, founded in 1998, serves as the specialized investment arm of the Hanover Acceptances Group. Designed to diversify the investment portfolio, it focuses on high-growth prospects and ventures in sectors adjacent to Hanover Acceptances’ core interests. Fresh Capital underlines Gorvy’s strategic foresight, enabling the group to explore new opportunities in cutting-edge sectors.
  1. The Gorvy Foundation
    Beyond the boardroom, Gorvy chairs The Gorvy Foundation. The foundation has left an indelible mark on various cultural institutions. Notable contributions include the renovation of a lecture theater at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, now named after Manfred and Lydia Gorvy.

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