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Nigerian tycoon Taiwo Afolabi’s Sifax Group partners Singaporean firm on aviation development

Afolabi pledges consortium's commitment to growth and profitability through successful enterprise revitalization

by Yusuf Abdulfatai
Taiwo Afolabi

Sifax Group, a leading conglomerate led by Nigerian logistics tycoon Taiwo Afolabi has initiated talks with the federal and Lagos State governments alongside its aviation partner, Singapore-based Changi Airports International. The discussions center around collaborative efforts aimed at advancing the country’s aviation industry.

The collaboration between Sifax Group and Changi Airports International signifies a concerted effort to leverage expertise and resources towards enhancing airport operations and services within Nigeria.

With Sifax Group, under the leadership of Afolabi, taking the lead, and Changi Airports International bringing its renowned proficiency in aviation terminal management to the table, the consortium aims to explore opportunities across multiple segments of the aviation sector.

Afolabi pledges consortium’s commitment to growth and profitability through successful enterprise revitalization

Among the key areas of focus for the consortium are aviation ground handling, terminal management, airline operations, and the development of ancillary services.

Afolabi, chairman of Sifax Group, emphasized the consortium’s commitment to leveraging its track record of success in revitalizing enterprises for growth and profitability.

He cited the transformation of SAHCO Plc, a subsidiary of Sifax Group, from its origins as a component of the defunct Nigeria Airways to becoming the leading cargo handling company in West Africa.

Roy Toh, Director of International Projects at Changi Airports International, highlighted the partnership’s objective of replicating the global success achieved by Singapore’s renowned airport management practices.

By joining forces with Sifax Group, a company renowned for its credibility and operational excellence, Changi Airports International aims to facilitate the implementation of efficient airport management strategies in Nigeria.

Sifax Group’s strategic alliance: Elevating Nigeria’s aviation sector to new heights

Founded in 1988 by Afolabi, Sifax Group has emerged as a diversified conglomerate with interests spanning aviation, oil and gas, maritime, logistics, and hospitality sectors.

Afolabi’s extensive experience and astute business acumen have played a pivotal role in steering Sifax Group’s growth trajectory, positioning it as a significant contributor to Nigeria’s aviation sector and economy.

The collaborative efforts between Sifax Group, Changi Airports International, and the Nigerian government underscore a shared commitment to advancing the nation’s aviation sector.

With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and strategic partnerships, the consortium aims to drive tangible improvements in airport operations and services, ultimately enhancing Nigeria’s competitiveness in the global aviation landscape.

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