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La La Anthony: A ‘host’ of many capabilities

La La Anthony: The Afro-Latina Phenom Who Runs LALALAND, From Day to Play to Slay, LEUNE, and Inala

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

Alani Vazquez Anthony, affectionately known as La La, is a versatile American powerhouse, seamlessly navigating the worlds of acting, radio hosting, and television persona. Born on June 25, 1979, into a Nuyorican heritage, she shared her Brooklyn upbringing with a brother and two sisters. Music ignited her passion from a young age, setting the stage for her remarkable journey.

La La’s career trajectory began in Atlanta, at the age of 15, where she assumed a programming assistant role at WHTA radio in Georgia, sowing the seeds of her future stardom. Her breakthrough arrived during her high school years at Redan High School, co-hosting the renowned radio show “Future Flavas” alongside Ludacris. This auspicious debut paved her path to Howard University in Washington, D.C., where she pursued Communications studies while making her mark at WHUR, the campus radio station.

In 1999, La La embarked on a transformative journey to Los Angeles, California, where her magnetic presence at KKBT radio attracted MTV’s attention. This pivotal moment marked the onset of her illustrious career as she took the co-hosting reins of iconic shows like MTV’s “Direct Effect” and “Total Request Live.” Beyond MTV, she distinguished herself as a charismatic host presiding over reunion specials for VH1’s beloved reality series. Her versatile talents extended to storytelling on MTV’s “High School Stories,” solidifying her status as a luminary in the entertainment realm. 

In 2003, Anthony left MTV and worked as a producer on Mike Tyson’s award-winning documentary, Tyson, which was included in the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. She also collaborated with director/producer Brett Ratner on a feature film. LaLa appeared in films Two Can Play That Game, Think Like a Man, Baggage Claim and television shows “NYC 22” and Single Ladies. Other film credits include Urban Massacre (2002), Monster Island (2004), and You Got Served (2004).

In October 2011, Anthony appeared in the off-Broadway production of Love Loss and What I Wore. Anthony appeared in and executive produced La La’s Full Court Wedding, which chronicled the time leading up to her wedding to NBA star Carmelo Anthony.

La La’s status isn’t limited to entertainment alone. She has a solid status in business, as she owns multi-million dollar businesses. Some of them are:


LaLaLand, the production powerhouse led by the dynamic Lala Anthony, is a beacon of storytelling excellence. Under Lala’s visionary leadership, it champions diverse narratives, amplifying underrepresented voices. In the world of entertainment, LaLaLand stands as a catalyst for change and a symbol of creative brilliance.


Lala launched ‘From Day to Play to Slay’, a size-inclusive, low-cost denim line with Lord & Taylor in 2017. Her collection offers fashion forward pieces like distressed denim, cutout sweatshirt dresses, and bomber jackets. One of the best things about La La’s line is that it comes in sizes 0-24 not leaving out plus-sized ladies.This line was not only successful in terms of sales but also marked her deeper involvement in the fashion industry. Her approach to this venture was informed by her understanding of the market and her fanbase, which helped her create a product line that resonated with consumers.


La La Anthony’s investment in Leune, a socially conscious California cannabis enterprise, showcases her dedication to instigating meaningful societal shifts through astute entrepreneurship. Beyond financial involvement, it serves as a resounding endorsement of a business reshaping industry conventions. In this avant-garde alliance, her influence melds seamlessly with Leune’s mission, marking the onset of a transformative journey towards purpose-driven progress and uncharted realms. 


Founded and launched by Lala in 2022, Inala, the visionary haircare brand, is a compelling testament to Lala’s entrepreneurial prowess. At its core is the highly acclaimed rice water hair treatment, meticulously formulated to rejuvenate and vitalize hair, embodying Inala’s commitment to diversity and empowerment. INALA was conceived to counter dull hair days with high-impact, nourishing formulas, reviving your locks from the crown down. The crown jewel in INALA’s line is the Signature Rice Water Complex, an ingredient that has been making hair pretty for over 1,000 years! This complex combines rice water with arginine and biotin, reviving hair at the follicle, fostering growth, and improving texture, length, and shine.

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