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Life in the Fab Lane: 7 businesses owned by fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons

From revitalizing Baby Phat to strategic investments in skincare and wellness, Simmons exemplifies entrepreneurial diversity and acumen

by Motoni Olodun

Kimora Lee Simmons is a popular name in the fashion and entertainment industry. As an American model, businesswoman, fashion designer, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, TV personality, philanthropist, and author, Simmons has built an empire that spans various industries, making her a force to be reckoned with.

She was born May 4, 1975, and got into fashion at the young age of 14. She was handpicked by Karl Lagerfeld to model for Chanel, catapulting her into the international limelight. From there she became an influencer in the fashion and entertainment industry and laid the foundation for her future entrepreneurial ventures.

In this article, we will look into 7 of her successful businesses, ventures, and investments.

1. Baby Phat

Simmons’ was one of the critical forces behind the success of the brand Baby Phat, making it one of her most significant business accomplishments. Baby Phat was Initially created under Phat Farm, Russell Simmons’ clothing line, who was her husband at that time. In 2000, Kimora was made the Creative Director of Baby Phat and later became its President. She was responsible for transforming Baby Phat from a line of women’s T-shirts into a fashion sensation. She widened the brand’s product offerings to include various product lines, such as denim, accessories, footwear, and perfume. Under her creative leadership, Baby Phat quickly became popular as a cultural icon synonymous with the early 2000s. Baby Phat’s revenue also grew massively from $1 million to $115 million between 2001 and 2002.

In 2004, Russell Simmons sold Baby Phat to the Kellwood Company for $140 million, but Kimora stayed on and later split with the company in 2010. In 2019, Kimora relaunched the brand with her daughters, Ming and Aoki.

2. Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane

“Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane,” was a popular TV series that aired on E! Network. The show was about the life of Kimora and allowed viewers to have an insight into her life as a mother, businesswoman, and fashionista. Kimora also served as producer on the show, which stopped airing after its fourth season. However, in 2013, a spin-off show titled “Kimora: House of Fab,” debuted.

Kimora has been successful in television, starring as an actress in several movies. She has also worked as a TV host and producer on multiple projects.

3. Simmons Jewelry Company

Simmons also owns the Simmons Jewelry Company which brings together her love for fashion with the luxury of fine jewelry. The company has a wide range of products which include necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Although the jewelry market is quite competitive, The Simmons Jewelry Company has been able to capture a niche by emphasizing on the quality, design, and affordability of its products.

Besides being a successful company Simmons Jewelry Company has also made a lot of social impact. It created a “Green Initiative” collection, whose portion of its sales was donated to the Diamond Empowerment Fund, an NGO founded by Russel Simmons to aid education initiatives in nations where diamonds are a natural resource.

4. JustFab

Simmons took over the reins of Justfab in 2011 as the creative director. The brand gives customers who want to access celebrity stylists a personalized shopping experience. It offers a membership with options that work with most customer’s budgets. Customers have access to a wide option of clothing and accessories. 

In September 2021, Simmons’ daughter, Aoki Lee Simmons launched her first shoe design which was inspired by Kimora’s first line in collaboration with JustFab. This further expanded Simmons’ business portfolio and continued her legacy in the fashion industry through her daughter.

5. Fabulosity

Simmons launched a lifestyle brand called “Fabulosity” at J.C. Penney in 2008. The line, which included denim, knit tops, and dresses, was aimed at juniors. The J.C. Penney collaboration allows Simmons to tap into the affordable fashion market, further diversifying her business portfolio. 

Simmons also authored a book with a similar name titled “Fabulosity: What It Is & How to Get It, which has made significant sales and serves as another stream of income.

6. Poppington

Simmons also collaborated with her ex-husband Russell Simmons to co-found Poppington, a creative agency and art gallery based in New York City. This venture allows her to expand her portfolio beyond fashion into a different but similar creative art industry.

7. Investments in Codage, Pureform Global, and Celsius

Kimora has a noteworthy investment portfolio, with strategic investments in various companies. 

Simmons invested in Codage, a high-tech skincare business based in France, and in Pureform Global, a company that manufactures natural CBD products without using cannabis or hemp. The exact financial details of her investment in Pureform Global and Codage are not publicly available.

She also invested in Celsius, a “healthy” calorie-burning drink. Simmons and her then-husband, Russell Simmons, led the $15.95 million backing of Celsius before it was later acquired by PepsiCo for a whopping $550 million.

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