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Late Senegalese tycoon Pathe Dione’s legacy thrives as Sunu Group expands with stake in Africa Golden Bank

Strategic collaboration: Sunu Group's move expands influence in Central Africa

by Omokolade Ajayi

Sunu Group, a pan-African insurance and financial services powerhouse founded by the late Senegalese tycoon Pathe Dione, has recently acquired a minority stake in Africa Golden Bank, the latest financial venture of Cameroonian billionaire Samuel Foyou.

This strategic acquisition is part of Sunu Group’s 2023-2025 plan and marks a continuation of Dione’s vision.

Dione, who passed away on Jan. 12, 2023, at the age of 81, left behind a legacy of visionary leadership. His strategic acumen was evident in July 2022, when the group acquired a stake in the International Bank for Trade and Industry of Senegal (BICIS), a move that solidified his reputation in the region’s financial services industry.

Under Dione’s leadership, Sunu Group expanded its operations to 17 African countries, boasting a workforce of more than 4,100 employees. The group’s portfolio includes 26 life and non-life insurance companies, a bank, a microfinance bank, and two health risk management entities.

Strategic collaboration: Sunu Group’s move expands influence in Central Africa

The recent minority stake acquisition in Africa Golden Bank signifies Sunu Group’s posthumous commitment to extending its influence in the Central African banking sector. While the financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed, this move positions Sunu Group as a key player with a nuanced approach in the region.

This minority ownership grants Sunu Group limited influence over Africa Golden Bank’s decisions and operations, opting for a more passive role in operational management. The objective is clear — to reap financial returns while contributing to the operational dynamics of the newly established bank. 

Foyou and Sunu Group: A collaborative endeavor shaping Cameroon’s economic landscape

Africa Golden Bank, the 19th banking institution to operate in Cameroon, received approval in Sept. 2023 and is poised to commence operations this year under the leadership of Samuel Foyou, a stalwart in Cameroon’s economic landscape, who ranks among the country’s wealthiest individuals, with a business empire that spans diverse sectors, including hospitality, food, printing, banking, industrial enterprises, brewing, and hotels.

This collaboration between Foyou Group and Sunu Group not only solidifies Samuel Foyou’s position as a top figure in Cameroon’s economic landscape but also aligns with Sunu Group’s broader strategy of fostering strategic alliances for sustained growth.

As Sunu Group continues to expand its financial footprint, the acquisition of a minority stake in Africa Golden Bank underscores the group’s dedication to navigating the intricate dynamics of the Central African banking sector and contributing to the economic development of the region.

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