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Serena Williams’ financial triumph continues with $30-million increase in 2023

From tennis icon to business mogul with $290-million net worth

by Omokolade Ajayi
Serena Williams

Tennis legend Serena Williams, renowned not only for her 23-time Grand Slam titles but also as one of America’s wealthiest Black women, experienced a significant boost in her net worth in 2023, solidifying her position among the world’s wealthiest Black individuals.

According to Forbes, the leading U.S. business that tracks the fortunes of the world’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals, Williams recorded an impressive increase of $30 million in her net worth during the year 2023.

Starting the year at $260 million on Jan. 1, 2023, Williams concluded the year with a net worth of $290 million on Dec. 31, 2023. This surge in wealth follows a $20-million increase in 2022 when her net worth jumped from $240 million to $260 million.

Williams: From tennis icon to business mogul with $290-million net worth

Since Forbes began monitoring Williams’ assets and net worth in 2019, she has seen substantial growth, elevating her from $225 million to the current $290 million, positioning her alongside other influential Black women in America, such as Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, and Sheila Johnson.

Williams, who retired from professional tennis after an illustrious career, is now making headlines in the business world. As the founder of Serena Ventures, her venture capital fund, she has invested in over 60 firms, including Tonal, an at-home AI fitness company, and Zigazoo, a kid-focused social media platform.

The tennis icon’s venture into investment follows a stellar year in 2022, where she earned an astounding $45.3 million. The majority of her income was derived from lucrative endorsement deals with renowned brands such as Nike, Lincoln, and Michelob Ultra, securing her 49th place on Forbes’ list of the highest-paid athletes globally.

Williams: A legacy beyond tennis earnings

Williams’ financial triumphs extend beyond her tennis winnings, accumulating a remarkable $470 million throughout her professional career since her debut in 1995. 

Undoubtedly, her legacy as a trailblazer transcends the boundaries of sports achievements, establishing her as an influential figure in the realms of both athletics and finance.

As Williams shifts her focus towards private equity investments, exploring new horizons through Serena Ventures, the world eagerly anticipates the continued growth of her financial empire beyond the tennis court.

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