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7 companies owned by African-American businessman Billy Vickers

Unveiling the diverse business empire of African-American tycoon Billy Vickers

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Billy Vickers

Billy Vickers, a standout African-American businessman and leading business executive, is the President and CEO of Modular Assembly Innovations, reshaping the automotive business landscape through innovation and strategic leadership.

Starting his career at Ironton Castings in Ohio, Vickers has climbed the ladder, achieving success in various leadership roles over his three-and-a-half decades in manufacturing. His entrepreneurial journey includes acquiring TAG Holdings’ stake in Great Lakes Assembly, Gulf Shore Assemblies, and Indiana Assemblies. This along with majority stakes in three JVs with MEI, led to the successful launch of the Ford I-Beam suspension program in 2011.

As the head of Modular Assembly Innovations, Vickers has not only positioned the company as a tier-one supplier serving customers globally but also as an award-winning force in the automotive industry. His strategic leadership has driven innovation and operational efficiency, establishing the company as a leader.

Beyond Modular Assembly Innovations, Vickers has inspired various enterprises, becoming a respected figure in the entrepreneurial community. His commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident, setting an example for others by championing initiatives for underrepresented communities.

In addition to his corporate role, Vickers serves on the boards of Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation, Fifth Third Bank Advisory Board, A Kid Again National Office, and is a member of the Columbus Partnership, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, and Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Columbus Advisory Council.

Billy Vickers’ entrepreneurial journey reflects resilience, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to driving impactful change in the business landscape. His contributions have shaped the industry and inspired a new generation of leaders.

Billionaires.Africa highlights various companies linked to Vickers, showcasing his diverse and impactful business portfolio.

  1. Modular Assembly Innovations (MAI)
    MAI, under the leadership of President and CEO Billy Vickers, stands as a tier one automotive supplier. With a global reach, MAI serves clients in the U.S. and beyond, embodying innovation and operational efficiency. As one of the largest minority-owned businesses in the nation, MAI has expanded its influence through strategic acquisitions, notably obtaining 51 percent ownership of Great Lakes Assembly (GLA), Gulf Shore Assemblies (GSA), and Indiana Assemblies (IA) in collaboration with Honda-owned Midwest Express, Inc. Vickers’ leadership has propelled MAI to over $1.2 billion in revenue, employing 281 associates.
  1. Worthington Enterprises Inc
    Worthington Enterprises, Inc., a leader in designing and manufacturing Building Products, Consumer Products, and Sustainable Energy Solutions, benefits from Vickers’ active role as a director. His ownership stake and strategic insights contribute to the company’s ongoing success.
  1. Great Lakes Assemblies
    Originating from GLA, this venture is a collaborative effort with Honda’s Midwest Express, Inc. Specializing in manufacturing automobile center console modules, tire and wheel assemblies, powertrain accessory modules, and engine components, GLA plays a pivotal role in modular assembly and supply chain management.
  1. Gulf Shore Assemblies
    A joint venture with Midwest Express, Inc., GSA specializes in modular assembly and supply chain management, focusing on manufacturing automobile tire and wheel assemblies, along with fuel cell components.
  1. Indiana Assemblies (IA)
    IA, a modular assembly and supply chain management firm, emerged through a partnership with Midwest Express, Inc., under Honda’s ownership. IA specializes in manufacturing tire and wheel assemblies, alternative fuel cell components, and power steering hose components.
  1. Creative Business Innovations (CBI)
    Collaborating with MAI Companies, CBI serves as a dedicated employment agency, offering comprehensive solutions for permanent and temporary staffing needs across various industries. North American Assemblies:
  1. North American Assemblies
    Established in 2003, North American Assemblies, acquired by MAI in 2019, provides modular assembly, sequential parts delivery, and supply chain management services to manufacturers across North America.

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