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7 companies owned by South African mining tycoon Sipho Nkosi

Sipho Nkosi: Architect of change in South African business

by Yusuf Abdulfatai
Sipho Nkosi

Sipho Nkosi, a self-made titan in South Africa’s corporate realm, embodies the transformative power of leadership. Hailing from KwaMashu, a Durban township, Nkosi’s journey from humble beginnings to the helm of Exxaro Resources, a major coal mining entity, reflects resilience, vision, and commitment to shaping a fairer future.

Starting with an accounting degree, Nkosi honed his skills at Deloitte and later at Anglo-American. In 2006, he became Exxaro’s first black CEO, steering the company through operational challenges and environmental controversies. Under his leadership, Exxaro became a sustainability leader, embracing diversification into renewable energy, and emphasizing efficiency, transparency, and environmental responsibility.

Beyond business, Nkosi is a passionate advocate for education and social development. The Exxaro Learning Trust, founded by him, empowers future generations, while his philanthropic efforts extend to healthcare, infrastructure, and rural development, leaving an enduring impact on South Africa’s social fabric.

As the non-executive chairman of Talent10 Holdings, member of the Executive Council at the Chamber of Mines of South Africa, and director and vice president at AHi (South Africa), Nkosi’s influence extends into various sectors. He vigorously champions economic transformation, critiquing the legacy of apartheid and promoting inclusive business practices, urging greater black ownership and participation.

Sipho Nkosi’s journey, an inspiration to South Africa and beyond, is a testament to resilience, vision, and an unwavering commitment to a better future. His legacy reaches beyond business success, encompassing advocacy for social progress, environmental responsibility, and inclusive economic practices.

Billionaires.Africa unveils seven companies linked to Sipho Nkosi, showcasing his strategic brilliance and commitment to diverse investments, excellence, and positive change in Africa.

  1. Eyesizwe Holdings
    Founded in 1999, Eyesizwe Holdings serves as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) private company under the visionary leadership of Sipho Nkosi. Functioning as a parent company, Eyesizwe Holdings oversees Eyesizwe Mining, a wholly-owned subsidiary created by Nkosi. The establishment of NewCoal, later renamed Eyesizwe Coal, marked a pivotal moment in the company’s history, born out of a collaboration with industry giants Anglo-American and BHP Billiton.
  1. Talent10 Holdings
    Established in 2012, Talent10 Holdings (T10) spearheads innovation in South Africa’s investment landscape. Founded by mining veteran Sipho Nkosi, T10 distinguishes itself as more than a conventional venture capital firm. Nkosi’s focus on identifying and nurturing disruptive, early-stage ventures has positioned T10 as a trailblazer in South Africa’s innovation ecosystem. Serving as co-founder and chairman, Nkosi actively supports portfolio companies through mentorship, operational expertise, and a vast network.
  1. Tranter Holdings
    Tranter Holdings, co-owned by Sipho Nkosi along with Humphrey Mathe, Mxolisi Mgojo, and Joshua Ngoma through family trusts, originated in 1999 during the establishment of Eyesizwe Coal. This collaboration played a crucial role in the formation of Exxaro, a diversified mining company, showcasing Nkosi’s ability to bring together influential figures for impactful ventures.
  1. Exxaro Resources Ltd.
    A South African-based diversified resources group, Exxaro Resources Ltd. is a powerhouse in extracting and processing minerals and metals. Sipho Nkosi, a multimillionaire, once led this dynamic organization. Its operations span South Africa, Europe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the United States, with a significant interest in Sishen Iron Ore Company Proprietary Limited.
  2. Sasol Limited
    Sasol Limited, under Sipho Nkosi’s guidance, evolved into a leading integrated energy and chemical company based in Sandton, South Africa. In 2019, Nkosi became Sasol’s first black chairman, driving strategic shifts toward renewables and operational efficiency. His transformative vision left an indelible mark on the company before his tenure as pro tem chairman concluded in November 2023.
  1. Sanlam
    Sanlam, a financial services giant headquartered in Bellville, witnessed a transformative era with the inclusion of Sipho Nkosi on its board in 2003. Nkosi’s corporate expertise and commitment to economic transformation shaped Sanlam’s approach, emphasizing diversity and inclusion, setting a valuable precedent for South Africa’s corporate landscape.
  1. Tronox Holdings
    Sipho Nkosi’s involvement as a board member since June 2012 underscores his influence at Tronox Holdings Plc. This global holding company is a major player in the production of high-quality titanium products, including titanium dioxide pigment and specialty-grade titanium dioxide. Nkosi’s 0.04-percent stake aligns him with the company’s strategic direction, making him an integral part of Tronox’s continued success.

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