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6 companies owned by Zimbabwean businessman John Moxon

Exploring the diverse business empire of Zimbabwean tycoon John Moxon

by Yusuf Abdulfatai
John Moxon

Renowned Zimbabwean businessman and leading investor John Moxon stands as the driving force behind the recent growth and success of Meikles Limited, a leading retail conglomerate with a rich century-long history in the Zimbabwean business landscape.

Since 1970, Moxon has worn multiple hats at Meikles Limited, from executive director to the chairman steering the ship. His strategic vision and managerial wizardry transformed the company into a diversified giant, venturing into retail, agriculture, hospitality, and financial services. Moxon’s leadership catapulted Meikles Limited into the ranks of Zimbabwe’s most triumphant corporations.

With a substantial 10.8-percent stake and more than 27 million shares, Moxon is a heavyweight shareholder in Meikles. His influence extends beyond the boardroom, making him a key player on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Moxon’s impact reaches far beyond Zimbabwe, leaving an indelible mark on the economy. Meikles Limited’s success story under his guidance translates to job creation, economic growth, and a significant footprint in sectors like supermarkets, hotels, mining, and agro-allied ventures.

But Moxon’s narrative isn’t just about business conquests. He is also a philanthropist, making meaningful contributions to healthcare, education, and social initiatives in Zimbabwe. His commitment to community engagement reflects a man whose influence goes beyond business.

Billionaires.Africa has taken note, highlighting Moxon’s involvement in seven significant companies. Moxon is not just a businessman; he is a visionary, shaping Zimbabwe’s corporate landscape and making a lasting impact on its economic future.

  1. Meikles Group Limited
    Founded in 1894 by Thomas Moxon, Meikles Group Limited has transformed from a department store chain to a diversified Harare-based conglomerate. Moxon’s leadership has propelled the group into a powerhouse with significant interests in hotels, retail, supermarkets, agriculture, and financial services. Notable entities under the Meikles umbrella include the Victoria Falls Hotel, TM Supermarkets, Meikles Stores, Meikles Centar Mining, and Tanganda Tea Company.
  1. TM Supermarkets (TM Pick n Pay)
    Forming a strategic partnership with Pick ‘n Pay South Africa in 1997, Meikles Limited, under Moxon’s guidance, birthed TM Pick ‘n Pay. The supermarket chain has since entrenched itself across Zimbabwe, with numerous branches in major cities. Meikles holds a controlling 51-percent ownership stake, while Pick ‘n Pay Stores retains 49 percent.
  1. Victoria Falls Hotel
    Managed by Meikles and African Sun Limited, the Victoria Falls Hotel stands as a five-star luxury establishment in the Victoria Falls National Park. Recognized as “the grand old lady of the Falls,” this ISO-accredited hotel is part of the Leading Hotels of the World group. Originally built in 1904, the hotel has undergone recent renovations, marrying historical charm with modern convenience.
  1. Thomas Meikle Properties
    Thomas Meikle Properties (TMP), a distinguished property company, showcases Moxon’s commitment to excellence and innovation. With a growing portfolio of 23 properties spread across five cities in Zimbabwe, TMP reflects steady growth and a commitment to excellence in the real estate sector.
  1. Tanganda Tea Company
    Established in 1924, Tanganda Tea Company is Zimbabwe’s largest tea and coffee producer, belonging to the Meikles Group. After a complex corporate history involving delisting and merging, Tanganda relisted on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 2022. It remains a pivotal player in Africa’s tea production landscape.
  1. Meikles Guard Services
    Meikles Guard Services (MGS) stands as a premier security provider in Zimbabwe, offering comprehensive solutions for domestic, commercial, and executive protection. With 18 years of global experience, MGS safeguards entities within the Meikles Limited Group, including TM and Pick ‘n Pay Supermarkets, Meikles Hotel, The Victoria Falls Hotel, Meikles Stores, and Tanganda Tea Company, ensuring safety and protection for diverse businesses.

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