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7 companies linked to Namibian businessman Koos Brandt

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Koos Brandt

Koos Brandt, the powerhouse Namibian businessman and philanthropist, stands tall among Southern Africa’s business elite. Renowned as one of Namibia’s wealthiest individuals, Brandt has left an indelible mark on the business landscape — he presently ranks as the richest investor on the Namibia Stock Exchange.

As the visionary founder and former chairman of Capricorn Group—a financial services conglomerate spanning Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia — Brandt’s influence in the financial services sector is unparalleled.

Capricorn Group, a conglomerate offering a diverse range of services including banking, micro-lending, property development, unit trusts, and asset management, owes much of its success to Brandt’s strategic vision.

Brandt, a key player in the growth of Southern Africa’s financial services industry, holds a significant 18.52-percent stake in Capricorn Group, valued at an impressive $87.2 million on the Namibia Stock Exchange (NSE). 

His leadership and astute investments have propelled him to the forefront, making him not only one of the richest investors on the NSE, but also the largest individual shareholder in Capricorn Group. With his investment portfolio which boasts a staggering value of $90 million, Brandt continues to showcase his ability to generate substantial wealth through strategic investments.

Billionaires.Africa has documented companies owned by Brandt. Here are seven such companies where he is linked to:

  1. Capricorn Group
    Founded in 1982 by Brandt, Capricorn Group emerged as a prominent investment holding group, earning its listing on the Namibian stock exchange in June 2013. It has a substantial impact on Namibia’s financial landscape, with operations extending to Botswana and Zambia through its diverse subsidiaries. These subsidiaries engage in banking, micro-lending, property development, unit trust, and asset management. The flagship brand, Bank Windhoek, is the largest locally-owned bank and the second-largest commercial bank in Namibia. Brandt holds a significant 18.52-percent stake in Capricorn Group, reflecting his commitment to the growth and success of the enterprise.
  1. Bank Windhoek
    Founded in 1982, Bank Windhoek, the primary brand under Capricorn Group, holds the distinction of being the largest locally-owned bank in Namibia. It is the second-largest commercial bank, authorized by the Bank of Namibia to offer a spectrum of financial services, including personal, commercial, and SME banking. The bank plays a pivotal role in supporting the economic activities of the country.
  1. Bank Gaborone
    Bank Gaborone Limited, a subsidiary of Capricorn Group, operates as a commercial bank in Botswana. With its establishment pre-dating Capricorn Group in 1982, Bank Gaborone has expanded to include five branches and over 30 ATMs across Botswana, contributing significantly to the financial sector of the region.
  1. Cavmont Capital Holdings Zambia
    Founded in 2004, Cavmont Capital Holdings Zambia Plc, a commercial bank in Zambia, was created through the merger of Cavmont Merchant Bank Limited and New Capital Bank Plc. The bank offers a comprehensive range of retail, commercial, and corporate banking products. With 19 branches strategically positioned in major Zambian towns and cities, Cavmont Bank plays a vital role in Zambia’s banking landscape.
  1. Entrepo Holdings
    Entrepo Holdings, acquired in 2021, serves as Capricorn Group’s logistics arm, providing integrated warehousing, distribution, and supply chain solutions across Southern Africa. The company, with its digital platform facilitating real-time tracking and data visibility, has demonstrated remarkable growth, with a 15 percent year-over-year revenue increase in 2022. Its services cater to diverse industries, including retail, manufacturing, FMCG, and mining.
  1. Namib Bou (Pty.) Ltd.
    Namib Bou Limited, a subsidiary under Capricorn Group, specializes in affordable housing development. Established in 1990 as N.B.S. Development Company (Pty) Limited and later rebranded to Namib Bou in 1997, it plays a crucial role in addressing housing needs within Namibia. The company’s roots trace back to the merger of Bank Windhoek and the Namib Building Society in 1996.
  1. Capricorn Asset Management
    Since 2000, Capricorn Asset Management has been a leading Namibian asset management firm. It commands a 32-percent market share in the Unit Trust industry. With Capricorn Group holding a 75.2-percent share in Capricorn Asset Management Limited, the firm has been instrumental in shaping the investment landscape in Namibia.

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