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5 companies owned by South African media magnate Terrence Moolman

Moolman: From Woolworths tills to media mogul and Johannesburg Stock Exchange Tycoon

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Terrence Moolman

Terrence Moolman a renowned South African media magnate has established himself as a notable figure in the South African business scene. He has also secured a position as one of the richest investors on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Moolman’s journey from working the tills at Woolworths as a teenager to becoming a South African multimillionaire businessman is nothing short of inspirational. His story is a testament to seizing opportunities and transforming challenges into stepping stones toward success. His astounding rise from an entry-level position to a key figure in the media tells a story of resilience, determination, and commitment.

As the visionary force and founder steering Caxton —the largest publisher of books, newspapers, and magazines in South Africa, publishing 88 newspapers, mostly free community newspapers, and 15 magazines — Moolman has played a key role in the growth of a diverse array of sectors within the publishing industry in Southern Africa.

With an investment portfolio worth about $100 million, Moolman has solidified his position as one of the richest investors on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, showcasing his ability to generate substantial wealth not only through Caxton and CTP Publishers but also through his holdings in top-performing companies such as Modern Media Promotions and Afmed Limited.

His journey stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, highlighting how seizing opportunities, embracing challenges, and driving forward with dedication can lead to remarkable success.

Billionaires.Africa has documented companies owned by Moolman.

Here are five such companies where he holds a direct or indirect stake:

  1. Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers
    Founded in 1980 by Moolman and Noel Coburn, Caxton is a publishing powerhouse in South Africa. Specializing in newspapers, magazines, packaging, stationery, and labels, Caxton offers turnkey print and packaging solutions with centralized distribution. Moolman, a reclusive media mogul, owns a significant 47.22-percent stake valued at approximately $96.79 million.
  1. Bid SPV (Main Street 1132 Ltd.)
    Operating as a special purpose entity (SPE) and a subsidiary of Main Street 1132 Ltd., the Bid SPV focuses on shares and transactions. It exercises control over CAT, Element One Limited, Afmed, and Caxton, playing a crucial role in Moolman’s diversified investment portfolio.
  1. Afmed Limited
    Moolman’s influence extends over Afmed Ltd. through Modern Media’s 50.01 percent stake. Afmed, in turn, holds authority over Caxton, which owns 43.17 percent of CAT’s issued share capital. This interlinked network showcases Moolman’s strategic control over key entities in the CAT Group.
  1. The Moolman & Coburn Partnership
    Established in 2018, The Moolman & Coburn Partnership exerts influence over Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd. This partnership is a key player in steering the direction of prominent media outlets such as The Citizen and various community newspapers.
  1. Modern Media Promotions
    Under the umbrella of the Moolman and Coburn Partnership, Moolman commands Modern Media. With a commanding 71 percent shareholding in Main Street 1132 Ltd., Modern Media has become a significant player in Moolman’s strategic media ventures.

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