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10 companies owned by South African billionaire Jonathan Oppenheimer

Shaping South Africa through visionary leadership and impactful investments

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Jonathan Oppenheimer

Jonathan Oppenheimer, a powerhouse in South Africa’s business arena and a stalwart in social impact investment, stands as a formidable figure, solidifying his influence in the country. 

Following in the footsteps of his father, the esteemed Nicky Oppenheimer, known for his vast wealth and influence as the third-richest individual on the African continent, he has carved his path, building his fortune and influence through a diverse investment portfolio across multiple African companies and sectors.

With a career that began at NM Rothschild & Sons, followed by pivotal roles at Anglo-American and De Beers over two decades, Oppenheimer played a key role in shaping the business landscape. Additionally, his instrumental role in founding the Brenthurst Foundation in 2004 showcases his commitment to driving sustainable growth in Africa.

Today, as a key member of the Foundation’s International Advisory Board, Oppenheimer contributes significantly to its pursuit of new ideas and innovative actions for Africa’s economic development.

Founder of Oppenheimer Partners, Oppenheimer’s exceptional business acumen positions him in influential roles within various organizations. Currently serving as the executive Chairman of Oppenheimer Generations, he actively engages in the family’s private, commercial, and thought leadership activities, further expanding his influence.

His investment prowess is evident in Oppenheimer Partners, where he holds diverse portfolios, including a recent acquisition of a controlling stake in GZ Industries Ltd., Nigeria’s leading beverage can manufacturer. This move signals a potential revitalization of Africa’s largest economy and cements his status as one of South Africa’s esteemed billionaires.

Oppenheimer’s rise to prominence reflects the extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit in his family’s lineage. Through diverse investments and unwavering commitment to success, he continues to shape South Africa’s economic landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the business world. As a co-founder of Oppenheimer Generations his interests span various companies and non-profits, such as the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance.

With a combined family net worth of $9.68 billion, largely from the 2012 sale of their stake in De Beers, Oppenheimer remains a pivotal player in Africa’s economic landscape. Billionaires.Africa has identified and tracked 10 companies owned by Oppenheimer:

  1. Oppenheimer Partners Ltd.
    Catalyzed by Oppenheimer’s visionary leadership, Oppenheimer Partners emerged in 2016 as a global investment powerhouse, spanning pivotal sectors across major markets. Under Oppenheimer’s chairmanship, the firm embodies the enduring legacy and ethos of the Oppenheimer family, committed to societal impact through strategic investments.
  1. GZ Industries
    Under Oppenheimer’s leadership, Oppenheimer Partners holds a majority stake in GZ Industries Ltd., Nigeria’s premier beverage can manufacturer dominating the West African market since 2010, and operating as a key supplier to major entities like Coca-Cola Co. His strategic involvement focuses on expanding GZ Industries in South Africa and diversifying can size. 
  1. Tana Africa Capital
    Founded jointly by the prestigious Oppenheimer Family and Temasek Holdings, Tana Africa Capital is an Africa-focused investment company that has secured a remarkable $600 million in funding. Excelling in strategic investments across FMCG, retail, education, healthcare, and agribusiness, Tana Africa Capital stands as a testament to Oppenheimer’s commitment to sustainable growth.
  1. Fireblade Aviation
    Founded in 2014 by Oppenheimer and his father, Fireblade Aviation is a Johannesburg-based private aviation company offering executive charter flights and VIP services. With a fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft, the company continues to redefine private air travel and reaffirm its position as a leading player in the industry.
  1. Shangani Ranch
    Owned by the Oppenheimer family since 1937, Shangani Ranch is a 65,000-hectare wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe, employing 400 people and maintaining 8,000 cattle for beef export to the UK. Despite challenges posed by land reform legislation, the ranch remains a testament to the family’s enduring commitment.
  1. Tswalu Kalahari Reserve
    As a proud member of Oppenheimer Generations, Tswalu Kalahari Reserve offers a unique wilderness experience on the southernmost edge of the Kalahari. Representing the global interests of the Oppenheimer family, Tswalu is the largest privately protected area in South Africa.
  1. Stockdale Street
    Oppenheimer’s investments extend to Stockdale Street, a private equity firm named after the iconic street in Kimberley, South Africa, where the original De Beers head office was located.
  1. South African Future Trust
    Founded by Oppenheimer, the South African Future Trust (SAFT) plays a crucial role in supporting employees of South African SMMEs at risk due to COVID-19. Through initiatives like the SA Future Trust Awards, SAFT accelerates economic growth and collaborates with the government and private sector to provide financial assistance.
  1. The Brenthurst Foundation
    Instrumental in the formation of the Brenthurst Foundation in 2004, Oppenheimer continues to play a key role in driving sustainable growth in Africa. As a member of their International Advisory Board, he contributes to the foundation’s innovative actions and ideas.
  1. Oppenheimer Generations
    As the Executive Chairman, Oppenheimer is actively involved in all aspects of Oppenheimer Generations, overseeing private, commercial, and thought leadership activities. This includes Oppenheimer Partners, Oppenheimer Generations Asia, Nianova, Shangani Holistic, the Brenthurst Foundation, Oppenheimer Generations Foundation, Oppenheimer Generations – Research & Conservation, and a joint venture with South African Michelin-starred chef Jan Hendrik.

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