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7 companies owned by South African tycoon Jonathan Jawno

Jawno: A visionary force shaping South Africa's business landscape

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Jonathan Jawno

Jonathan Jawno, one of the top figures in South Africa’s business scene, has solidified his standing as one of the country’s leading business executives. His success is rooted not in privilege but in a foundation of hard work, a quest for knowledge, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit instilled by his parents.

Hailing from humble beginnings, Jawno’s journey is a testament to the principles of diligence and perseverance. As one of the top figures behind Transaction Capital, where he serves as a founding member and executive director/co-founder, his visionary entrepreneurship has left an enduring impact on South Africa’s economic landscape.

Beyond Transaction Capital, Jawno’s influence extends to the founding of African Phoenix Investments, Stratvest Holding, and Everglen Capital, forming a diverse portfolio across various sectors, including financial services. 

His strategic investments have not only propelled him to become the second-largest shareholder in Transaction Capital but have also empowered lives and played a pivotal role in landmark infrastructure projects across Africa.

His 9.59-percent stake in Transaction Capital, valued at R585.69 million ($30.89 million), establishes him as one of the top investors on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and places him among South Africa’s richest individuals. 

Billionaires.Africa has identified and cataloged various companies and holdings linked to Jawno. Here are seven companies where he holds direct or indirect ownership: 

  1. African Phoenix Investments
    Jawno is a key figure in African Phoenix Investments Ltd., a holding company that generates revenue from its life insurance subsidiary. He has extensive experience in driving the company’s strategies and operations. The company was delisted from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in June 2020, under Jawno’s guidance.
  2. Stratvest Holding
    Co-founding Stratvest in 1995, Jawno served as joint CEO of Nisela Growth Investments until 2002. His leadership played a pivotal role in the acquisition and expansion of several companies, laying the foundation for Transaction Capital by 2007. Jawno’s expertise significantly shaped Stratvest’s trajectory and growth.
  3. Everglen Capital
    Established in 2015, Everglen Capital Partners, a UK-based single-family office, is controlled by Jawno, Michael Mendelowitz, and Roberto Rossi. Everglen Capital focuses on specialized finance, credit and risk services, technology, and residential & commercial property, with Jawno’s influence evident in its operational management.
  1. Transaction Capital
    As a founding member and executive director/co-founder of Transaction Capital, Jawno owns a 9.59-percent stake, making him the second-largest shareholder. Specializing in asset-backed lending and niche risk services, Transaction Capital operates in South Africa and Australia, showcasing Jawno’s significant role in the company’s growth.
  1. Nisela Growth Investments
    Jawno, an accomplished figure in South Africa’s financial sector, played a vital role in the growth of Nisela Growth Investments, a renowned private equity and advisory firm. Serving as joint CEO until 2002, Jawno’s expertise in investment management contributed significantly to the establishment of Nisela Capital. His leadership set the stage for the development of Transaction Capital in 2007.
  1. MBD Credit Solutions Holdings
    MBD Credit Solutions Holdings Pty Ltd, a leading provider of credit management solutions in Southern Africa, owes its success to Jawno’s strategic influence. Focused on the collection of accounts receivables throughout the credit cycle, MBD is a significant player in both the private and public sectors.
  1. TransCapital Investments Limited
    A wholly owned subsidiary of Transaction Capital Limited, TransCapital Investments Limited, under Jawno’s influence, serves as a special purpose company issuing notes under the TransCapital Investments R2 billion ($105 million) note program. Its obligations are guaranteed by Transaction Capital Limited, and the company plays a vital role in raising funding for general corporate purposes.

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