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5 businesses owned by Kerry Washington

Beyond the glitz of Hollywood Washington is a trailblazing producer, advocate for inclusivity, and a force for societal change

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington’s entrepreneurial spirit has manifested itself as brilliantly as her acclaimed performances on screen. Beyond the limelight, Washington has carved a niche for herself as a producer and a fervent advocate for inclusivity within the entertainment industry.

Her production company, Simpson Street, embodies her commitment to storytelling that amplifies diverse voices, underscoring her belief that behind every successful venture lies a mosaic of narratives waiting to be told.

With a discerning eye for content that challenges and inspires, Washington has not just leveraged her platform for change but has also crafted a space where art and social dialogue converge, a testament to her multifaceted acumen.

Washington’s achievements encompass more than her entrepreneurial ventures; they are a beacon of her lifetime dedication to activism and philanthropy. Her impassioned work with the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities under the Obama administration, and her vocal support for movements such as Time’s Up and Black Lives Matter, illustrate a legacy interwoven with societal progress.

Kerry’s journey is not merely one of personal triumph but a blueprint for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs who seek to meld success with significance. Her enduring impact, therefore, is measured not just in the ventures she has pioneered but in the empowerment her actions have sown, making Washington a paragon of artistic innovation and humanitarian ethos.

Simpson Street

Washington launched Simpson Street in 2016. Simpson street is a production company which has produced successful projects like the Emmy-nominated HBO film “Confirmation” and the Broadway play “American Son.”


Washington, also an investor, partnered with the female-founded, direct-to-consumer jewelry brand, Aurate to design the Lioness Collection featuring four pieces — a Chain Necklace, Chain Bracelet, Link Huggie Earrings, and a Lion Coin Pendant.

The Wing

Washington is a significant investor in The Wing, a startup that runs a network of work and community spaces designed for women.


Washington has investments in Byte, a direct-to-consumer teeth-straightening startup.


Washington is an investor in Community, a text messaging service which allows celebrities to communicate with fans via text messaging.

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