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5 richest bankers on the Malawi Stock Exchange

Their vision and strategic leadership have elevated the financial services sector to the vanguard of the economy

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Thom Mpinganjira

Malawi’s financial landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation, a testament to the visionary efforts and leadership of banking executives and leaders who have not only reshaped the nation’s financial industry but also steered its economic trajectory — firmly establishing its position within the African continent.

At the epicenter of this transformative journey are renowned leaders, investors, and banking executives who are architects of Malawi’s economic renaissance. Their vision and strategic leadership have elevated the financial services sector to the vanguard of the economy—propelling Malawi’s banking sector into uncharted territories, setting new benchmarks, and catalyzing economic expansion.

At the forefront of Malawi’s financial transformation stands Hitesh Anadkat, a leading banker and business executive. Renowned for his influence and strategic acumen, Anadkat has revolutionized the banking landscape in the nation. As a trailblazer of modern banking solutions, he has ushered in a new era for financial services, leaving an indelible mark on Malawi’s economic trajectory.

Like Hitesh Anadkat, the name of Thom Mpinganjira resonates across the nation as a pioneering force fostering inclusivity and accessibility within the banking sphere. Mpinganjira’s legacy echoes through transformative initiatives—sculpting a more financially inclusive Malawi.

These trailblazers lead key banking institutions including FMB Capital Holdings, FDH Bank Plc, NICO Holdings, and the National Bank of Malawi. Their diverse expertise and strategic brilliance continue to craft the narrative of Malawi’s banking evolution, ushering in a future defined by transformative growth and progressive change.

  1. Hitesh Anadkat
    Market value of stake in
    FMB Capital Holdings: $155.56 million
    Hitesh Anadkat, a visionary Indian-Malawian financier, is the founder of FMB Capital Holdings—a Mauritius-based financial services holding company listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange. Anadkat’s business acumen and deep insights into the banking sector have propelled FMB Capital Holdings to a leadership position in leveraging strategic investments across several African nations. His 35.51-percent stake — equivalent to 872,924,575 ordinary shares — is currently valued at $155.56 million.
  1. Thom Mpinganjira
    Market value of stake in FDH Bank Plc.: $113.59 million
    Thom Mpinganjira — one of Malawi’s most successful yet controversial businessmen — is the founder of FDH Bank Plc. This leading financial services provider, with a network of 53 branches and 91 automated teller machines across all 27 districts of Malawi, is a testament to Mpinganjira’s entrepreneurial acumen. Since its inception in April 2002, FDH Bank, operating under the umbrella of FDH Financial Holdings, has become a key player in Malawi’s financial services industry. Mpinganjira’s 40.7-percent indirect stake in the bank, held through M Development Ltd., is valued at $113.59 million.
  1. Nathan Mpinganjira
    Market value of stake in FDH Bank Plc.: $13.66 million
    Nathan Mpinganjira, sibling to the founder of FDH Bank, Thom Mpinganjira, owns a 4.9-percent stake, equivalent to 337,887,239 ordinary shares, in the bank. The stake valued at $13.66 million, reflects the family’s enduring legacy in the Malawian financial sector, even amidst the legal tribulations faced by his brother.
  1. Vizenge Matumika Kumwenda
    Market value of stake in NICO Holdings: $4.77 million
    Vizenge Kumwenda, the group managing director of NICO Holdings, has made a significant impact on Malawi’s financial services sector. His 4.82-percent stake valued at $4.77 million, reflects his commitment to NICO’s diverse business interests — additionally, Kumwenda holds a 0.17-percent stake in NBS Bank.
  1. George Partridge
    Holdings: National Bank of Malawi, Telekom Networks, Press Corporation: $1.62 million
    George Partridge, the former CEO of National Bank of Malawi, is credited with strategic initiatives that expanded the bank’s reach and services. As the CEO of Press Corporation Limited, one of Malawi’s leading conglomerates, Partridge’s strategic investments include a 0.037-percent stake in the company, and another 0.18-percent stake in National Bank of Malawi Plc, valued at $1.62 million. His shares extend to Telekom Networks, showcasing a nuanced approach to wealth management.

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