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Meghan Markle’s empire: From ‘Suits’ star to royal business mogul

Meghan Markle: Financial strategist redefining royal wealth

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, born Rachel Meghan Markle, is a remarkable figure whose journey from Hollywood to the heart of the British Royal Family has captured the world’s attention. Her story, weaving through the realms of entertainment, philanthropy, and nobility, is a fascinating tale of grace, empowerment, and significant wealth accumulation. 

Meghan’s transition from a celebrated actress in the popular TV show “Suits” to becoming an influential member of the royal family is not just a fairy tale come true but a testament to her multifaceted persona. Beyond her captivating presence on screen, Meghan has become a global icon for her dedicated humanitarian work and advocacy for gender equity and mental health awareness.

Her rich Nigerian heritage, constituting 43 percent of her ancestry, adds to her unique identity, making her an influential figure with a distinctive cultural resonance. This aspect of her lineage has not only enhanced her global appeal but has also played a role in shaping her views and contributions to society.

Her business ventures, shared with Prince Harry, showcase a strategic approach to wealth and brand management. Billionaires.africa highlight these ventures below;

  • PECA PUBLISHING LLC: Peca Publishing, owned by Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, is a publishing house. Its most notable project is the publication of Meghan’s children’s book, “The Bench.” This venture is a personal one, as the name ‘Peca’ is inspired by Meghan’s childhood work, “A Face Without Freckles… Is a Night Without Stars.” It represents a blend of personal history and professional venture, showcasing Meghan’s creative side.
  • ORINOCO PUBLISHING LLC: This entity is responsible for handling the rights and managing the income from Prince Harry’s memoir. Orinoco Publishing LLC is a strategic financial venture, ensuring that the revenues and rights associated with Prince Harry’s personal works are effectively managed and protected.
  • ARCHEWELL PRODUCTIONS: Created by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Archewell Productions aims to produce programming that is not only entertaining but also informative and inspirational. This venture reflects their commitment to creating content that elevates the discourse and inspires audiences.
  • ARCHEWELL AUDIO: In partnership with Spotify, Archewell Audio is the couple’s foray into the world of audio productions and podcasts. This venture is about building communities and fostering shared experiences through the power of storytelling and narratives.
  • COBBLESTONE LANE LLC: Set up by Prince Harry and Meghan, Cobblestone Lane LLC holds the rights to the Archewell logo. This demonstrates their attention to brand management and intellectual property, which is crucial in their broader branding strategy.
  • BAOBAB HOLDINGS LLC: This is an investment company established by the Duke and Duchess. Baobab Holdings LLC represents their venture into the world of investment and financial management, showcasing their interest in growing their wealth through diverse investments.
  • NEMAWASHI HOLDINGS LLC: Identified primarily as a “holding company,” Nemawashi Holdings LLC was established in September 2020. It’s part of the couple’s strategy to manage and structure their various interests and investments efficiently.
  • BRIDGEMOUNT LLC: Bridgemount LLC is an entertainment brand founded by Prince Harry and Meghan. This venture underscores their continued engagement in the entertainment industry, expanding their influence beyond traditional royal engagements.
  • HAMPSHIRE LLC: Run by Prince Harry and Meghan, Hampshire LLC is a family business. This entity likely represents more personal ventures or investments, underscoring the couple’s commitment to managing their personal and professional lives.
  • IPHW: Created for the purpose of registering a logo, IPHW reflects the couple’s understanding of the importance of brand identity and the protection of intellectual property.
  • RPV HOLDINGS: RPV Holdings, with its general purpose constituting a miscellany, was established by the couple. It may serve as a flexible entity for various projects or investments that don’t fit neatly into their other businesses.
  • FRIM FRAM INC: Initially set up by Meghan Markle to manage income from her online activities related to her lifestyle blog, The Tig, Frim Fram Inc shows Meghan’s entrepreneurial spirit. It was later merged into an entity in Delaware in December 2019, which is a common move for streamlined business operations and tax purposes.

Each of these entities represents a facet of Prince Harry and Meghan’s diverse and strategic approach to business, investment, and brand management. Their portfolio spans creative endeavors, intellectual property management, and strategic investments, illustrating a comprehensive and savvy approach to building and maintaining their wealth and influence.

Meghan’s story is not just about a girl who became a princess; it’s about a woman who has skillfully navigated the worlds of entertainment, nobility, and business to become a global influencer in her own right. Her life, a blend of elegance, empowerment, and entrepreneurship, continues to inspire many, proving that her wealth, though substantial, is merely one aspect of her remarkable journey.

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