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How Michael Jordan’s legacy skyrocketed Hollywood’s earnings

The astonishing financial wave unleashed by Jordan's iconic documentary "The Last Dance" on Hollywood

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi
Michael Jordan

In another instance of inter-industry financial trickling down, Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” on Netflix has influenced Hollywood big-budget movie making, as shown by Tom Hardy’s recent announcement for the film “Venom 3.” This sports and entertainment mix shows how significant it is when it comes to money from sports legacies in movies thus hinting that there is a profitable union between these two worlds.

“The Last Dance” is an example of this as it was a hit with fans who were eager to see behind the scenes of Jordan and his Chicago Bulls’ road to success. With a price tag of $10 million, this series not only captured global audiences but also directed Netflix to produce more sports documentaries. This shift demonstrates a broader industry-wide trend that has seen sporting narratives becoming central to many

Hardy’s “Venom 3” alludes to Jordan’s documentary in its promotion suggesting its creators understand the financial value contained in stories based on sports legends. In an Instagram post just called, “V3N0M 3: The Last Dance,” Hardy’s caption prepares the audience for what may be the end of Venom trilogy like iconic close of Bulls’ 90s era under Jordan. This reference is both literary and strategic because it can potentially make “Venom 3” capitalize on financial success associated with Jordan’s heritage.

The financial consequences of this sports-film combination are huge. For Netflix, “The Last Dance” not only supported its subscription rates but also showed the world that sports documentaries could be lucrative in themselves as an industry. The success of this film has resulted in streaming services offering a more diverse range of sports content proving that it is possible to make money through this genre.

Moreover, the Hollywood film industry represented here by “Venom 3” understands the significance of associating with legendary sportsmen like Jordan. Such partnerships may lead to a wide range of things including increased box office earnings, opportunities for merchandizing and more viewership. This approach demonstrates a growing trend in film-making whereby common components outside of cinema are used to increase profit margins.

“Venom 3,” symbolizes how Jordan’s sport legacy intersected with Hollywood which is a financially intelligent way of creating content. It shows how accounts of sports heroes can extend beyond sports to benefit or influence other industries economically. This indicates a bright future for collaborations between the entertainment industry and legacies from athletics, with a promising future for similar collaborations.

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