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5 known charitable donations of the silent Nigerian oil mogul and billionaire Mike Adenuga

by Adenike Adeodun

Nigerian billionaire Mike Adenuga has not only etched his name in the hearts of Africans, especially Nigerians, as a business magnate and financial genius but also as a cheerful giver. Over the years, Adenuga has contributed immensely to critical and important causes, showing a deep passion for the improvement of the lives of others.

It is widely known that the background of a child has a significant impact on who the child will turn out to be, but Adenuga defied all the odds of a humble background; through tooth and nail, he built his multibillion-dollar conglomerate. And even though the journey to wealth creation was not an easy ride, he still made a commitment to dedicate a significant portion of his wealth to social causes. He has engaged in philanthropy through his support for healthcare initiatives and disaster relief projects. Also, he has sponsored various scholarships for needy students after being convinced that education is the backbone of poverty eradication. His benevolence has made a significant impact on many people in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Despite his enormous wealth, Adenuga has never been someone who loves the spotlight, and he preferred that his charitable donations be strictly anonymous, which is the reason the majority of his philanthropic acts are not made known to the public.

Billionaires.Africa highlights the charitable donations of Adenuga that made it to the media:

  1. $4.2-million donation to the Nigerian government during COVID-19: In 2020, during the disastrous wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Adenuga made a huge donation of 1.5 billionaire naira, which was approximately $4.2 million at the time, to the Nigerian government to battle against the virus. His generous donation made it easier for the government to provide protective equipment, testing kits, and other important supplies. The fund also enabled the government to build isolation centres.
  2. $3.8-million gift to flood victims in the Niger Delta region: Adenuga has shown unwavering commitment to the victims of natural disasters by donating $3.8 million to the people of the Niger Delta region when floods ruined their lands in 2012. His donation helped them get back on their feet and provide for their families.
  3. Yearly donation of $20.5 million to facilitate access to quality education: Adenuga is a firm believer that education is a critical factor in changing people’s lives and destinies, which was one of the reasons why he founded the Adenuga Foundation. Through the foundation, he has spent millions of dollars on scholarships and bursaries, giving underprivileged people access to education. This generous gift went towards educational programs and resources that would secure better learning opportunities for Nigerians and people outside of Nigeria.
  4. Donation of over $25 million to the sports sector in Nigeria: Since 2002, Adenuga has spent over $25 million to support sports in Nigeria. This act is a testament to Mike Adenuga’s great dedication to the growth of sports in Nigeria. In 2014, he also donated $250,000 to Nigeria’s national football team, the Super Eagles, in order to boost their morale prior to their clash against France during the 2014 World Cup tournament.
  5. Disbursing millions of dollars to construct the headquarters of the Alliance Française Lagos: Mike Adenuga donated millions of dollars to the construction of the new headquarters of the Alliance Française Lagos in 2018. Only a few people knew about his contribution to the completion of the building until the French President visited Nigeria and deeply appreciated Adenuga’s dedication to the promotion of French culture in Nigeria.

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