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7 companies owned by Kenyan businessman Sarbjit Singh Rai

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Sarbjit Singh Rai

Kenyan businessman Sarbjit Singh Rai, who relocated to Uganda and founded the Sarrai Group, a conglomerate boasting over ten operating subsidiaries, is renowned for his pivotal role in Uganda’s economic growth.

Sarrai Group operates across diverse sectors, from real estate to agriculture and manufacturing, showcasing its vast business portfolio. Notably, it reigns as a top sugar producer in the region, spanning Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi. In a game-changing move, the group secured a 20-year lease in December 2021 to revive the collapsed Mumias Sugar Company.

Rai’s entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of remarkable. He’s currently embroiled in a complex legal battle with Jaswant Rai over the distribution of a multimillion-dollar inheritance from their late father, the head of the illustrious Rai family.

Billionaires.Africa has identified and tracked various companies and assets linked to Rai. The following are seven companies in which he maintains controlling interest and ownership:

  1. Sarrai Group
    Sarrai Group, a prominent conglomerate with operations spanning East Africa and Southern Africa, stands as a beacon of success under the leadership of Rai, its executive group chairman. Headquartered in Kampala, Uganda, the group boasts a diverse portfolio of companies, with subsidiaries in Kenya and Malawi.
  1. Vitafoam Uganda Limited
    Rai also owns a significant interest in Vitafoam Uganda Limited, a thriving venture based in Uganda specializing in manufacturing high-quality foam mattresses. Several other notable companies within Sarrai Group are complementing this enterprise, including Nile Plywoods Limited, Nile Fiberboards Limited, Tasco Industries Limited, and Engaano Millers Limited, all contributing to the group’s diversified business interests in Uganda.
  1. Kinyara Sugar Works
    Kinyara Sugar Works Limited, known as Kinyara Sugar Limited (KSL), is prominent in Uganda’s sugar manufacturing sector. As the second-largest sugar producer in the country, KSL boasts an impressive annual output of 110,000 metric tonnes, constituting nearly a third of Uganda’s total production. It also boasts sole ownership of the Kinyara Power Station, a 14.5-megawatt bagasse-fired thermal electrical plant that has undergone significant expansion.
  1. Hoima Sugar Limited
    Adding further sweetness to Sarrai Group’s success is Hoima Sugar Limited (HSL). Established in 2016, HSL significantly contributes to Uganda’s sugar industry. This dynamic company, located in the thriving Ugandan economy, boasts a daily production capacity of 1,500 metric tonnes, enhancing the group’s diversified portfolio.
  1. Nile Plywoods Limited
    Nile Plywoods Limited is a key player in Uganda’s forestry and wood processing sectors. With extensive plantations spanning more than 15,000 acres in Nakasongola and Kamuli, including a massive 10,000-acre plantation in Nakasongola and an additional 5,000-acre plantation in Kamuli, Nile Plywoods demonstrates a commitment to sustainability by growing 700 hectares annually. The company produces plywood, block boards, flush doors, particle boards, and creosote and CCA-treated electricity transmission poles.
  1. Nile Fiberboards Limited
    Nile Fiberboards, an integral component of Sarrai Group’s diverse holdings, is a leading manufacturer of plain and laminated MDF boards and high-density fiber wooden floor tiles. With more than 20 years of industry experience, this innovative and technologically advanced wood processing company is strategically located in the Nakasongola district.
  2. Comply Industries Limited
    Comply Industries Limited, headquartered in Nakuru, Kenya, is another jewel in Rai’s crown. Specializing in plywood, block boards, flush doors, particle boards, and medium-density fiberboards, Comply contributes significantly to the wood processing industry. The company continues to expand its influence and footprint with a workforce of 1,900 employees and a vast network of more than 250 distributors nationwide.

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