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7 companies owned by America’s seventh-richest Black woman, Emma Grede

by Mfonobong Nsehe
Emma Grede

Emma Grede is more than just an entrepreneur; she’s a true fashion trailblazer and business visionary. Her remarkable journey to success is a testament to her unwavering determination.

As CEO and co-founder of Good American, she’s redefined the denim industry with her inclusive approach. But that’s not all.

Grede also chairs the Fifteen Percent Pledge, urging retailers to allocate 15 percent of their shelves to Black-owned brands, fostering diversity in the marketplace.

In 2022, Emma and her husband, Jens Grede, received the Innovation Award from Amazon Fashion at the CFDA Awards for their groundbreaking work with Skims.

Emma’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited at age 12 with a paper route, and she’s been fueling her passion ever since. In 2008, she founded ITB Worldwide, a fashion and entertainment marketing agency, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

In the world of fashion and business, Grede stands as an inspiration and a testament to vision, determination, and innovation. Her legacy reshapes and redefines industries, leaving an enduring impact for generations.

As the first Black woman investor on Shark Tank, Grede is a pioneer of change, lighting the way. She presently boasts a net worth of $320 million, making her America’s seventh-richest Black woman.

Billionaires.Africa has identified and cataloged various companies and holdings linked to Grede. Here are seven companies where she holds direct or indirect ownership:

  1. Skims

Skims, valued at more than $4 billion as of July, is a prominent American shapewear and solutions-oriented clothing brand. The brand’s core values center around body positivity and inclusivity, with a strong commitment to offering inclusive sizing. Grede, who holds an eight-percent stake in the company, serves as its chief product officer. She co-founded Skims in 2019 alongside her husband, Jens Grede, and Kim Kardashian.

  1. Good America

Co-founded by Khloe Kardashian and Grede in 2016, Good American is a women’s clothing company dedicated to promoting size inclusivity and body positivity. The brand boasts a diverse product range, spanning from denim jeans to dresses, activewear, tops, swimwear, sleepwear, and footwear. Grede, presently owning a substantial 23-percent stake, has overseen the company’s remarkable expansion.

  1. 15 Percent Pledge

Grede is the chairwoman of the 15 Percent Pledge, a U.S.-based non-profit organization that advocates for retailers to allocate at least 15 percent of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses. The foundation conducts audits, shares its database, and provides valuable business development strategies under her leadership.

  1. BRADY™

BRADY™ is a technical apparel brand co-founded by Tom Brady, Jens Grede, and Dao-Yi Chow. Drawing from two decades of pro sports innovation, the brand creates clothing designed for a wide range of activities. Emma Grede plays a pivotal role in the company, which strongly emphasizes natural elements and cutting-edge technology to enhance movement, breathing, and sweating.

  1. Safely

Grede is the founder of Safely, a brand specializing in plant-based cleaning and self-care products. Safely was launched in March 2021, with Grede co-founding it and holding a 22-percent ownership stake.

  1. Independent Talent Brand (ITB)

In 2008, Grede founded Independent Talent Brand (ITB) Worldwide and served as its CEO. ITB is a London-based talent management and entertainment marketing agency. In 2018, the firm was acquired by Rogers & Cowan, leading to Grede’s departure from the company.

  1. Frame

Established in 2012 by Swedish entrepreneurs Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede, Frame is a renowned American fashion-retail company known for its high-end clothing, particularly denim jeans and handbags for both men and women. Emma Grede, one of the co-founders, holds a minority stake in the company, which is primarily owned by her husband, Jens Grede.

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