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7 companies owned by Master P

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Master P

In the gleaming echelons of the music elite stands Percy Robert Miller Sr., known to the world as the illustrious Master P. This hip-hop legend, record producer, magnate, actor, and entrepreneur isn’t just a name on the charts but a symbol of opulent success in the African-American artist and entrepreneurial sphere.

Paint a picture of New Orleans’ historic Calliope projects, where a young Master P once resided in a quaint three-bedroom sanctuary, accompanied by his sibling, a loving grandmother, and her extended brood of 12. Within this realm, dubbed one of America’s most perilous territories, prosperity seemed to echo merely in the hustles of those seeking a dime on the sidewalks. Yet, this very tableau of chaos and resilience crafted the tenacity, work ethic, and undying drive in Miller.

With dreams larger than the confined corridors of the Calliope, Master P’s symphony to success commenced with the universal language — music. With an ear for rhythm and an eye for gold, he manifested his magnum opus — No Limit Records. This emblematic label, with its string of star-studded protégés and chart-busting numbers, didn’t just stop at revolutionizing rap. Master P made history with record deals that became the talk of the town, multi-platinum accolades, and a whopping 75 million records touching souls globally. It’s no hyperbole to hail No Limit Records as the most profitable hip-hop maison of its time.

Yet, in true vogue fashion, Master P’s magic touch wasn’t confined to the sound booth. He astutely channeled his musical fortunes into an empire of entrepreneurial endeavours. Today, Billionaires.Africa profiles seven of the most successful business ventures of the rapper-turned-mogul who boasts a fortune of over $200 million.


 In 1991, Master P birthed No Limit Records, quickly skyrocketing it as one of the top black-owned labels globally. With a whopping 80 million album sales under its belt, this venture secured an estimated $350 million for Master P.


Stepping into the fashion world, Master P introduced Moneyatti, a luxury brand renowned for its exclusive sneakers, clothing, and accessories. Astonishingly, the brand reached a clientele of 1 million in no time, with its sneakers fetching prices between $200 and $300.


Reflecting his passion for sports, especially basketball, Master P ventured into sports management. His experiences playing for the Toronto Raptors and signing with the Charlotte Hornets in 1998 served as a foundation for No Limit Sports Management.


Fashion again beckoned Master P after the success of No Limit Records. No Limit Clothing emerged, initially bearing the No Limit tank logo, later adorned with artwork from iconic album covers. The brand’s reach extended across various outlets, securing a vast customer base.


In an intriguing partnership with Rap Snacks, Master P conceived Rap Noodles. These aren’t just any ordinary noodles; they feature famous rappers on their packaging and have secured shelf space in numerous stores across the United States.

6. UNCLE P’s:

In a nod to celebrating his roots and challenging stereotypical brands like Uncle Ben’s, Master P launched Uncle P’s. This brand offers various food products, including seasoned white and brown rice and the delectable red beans and rice combo.


Lastly, honouring his gastronomical interests and his grandfather’s legacy, Master P opened Big Poppa Burgers in 2019 in New Orleans. Named after his grandfather and spotlighting the signature “secret sauce,” the restaurant offers an enticing menu of burgers, fries, chicken & and waffles, sandwiches, and shakes.

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