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7 businesses owned by polarizing Internet personality Andrew Tate

by Feyisayo Ajayi
Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate, a former U.S.-British kickboxing champion and a polarizing internet personality, presently ranks as the world’s most searched individual.

In the realm of online business and influence, Tate stands as a divisive figure. A former professional kickboxer, he has amassed a substantial social media following, primarily recognized for his controversial and often criticized misogynistic commentary.

Tate has recently been under severe scrutiny and swingeing surveillance by the Romanian government. With personal assets the tune of $15 million seized by the Romanian police, stints in jail, and insinuations from leaked chats in The War Room — a global network that he founded — of his involvement in grooming dozens of women for online sex work, the momentum of his wealth seems insouciant to the diverse distractions.

The prominent and influential Internet personality, who is the son of notable Black-American chess international master Emory Andrew Tate II, is the owner of various successful businesses across eclectic fields of endeavor.

Here are seven companies Tate owns:

RXF MMA Promotion

Ten percent of the XFX (Real Xtreme Fighting), a Romanian Mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion business with its headquarters in Brasov, is owned by Tate. It is comparable to the UFC in Romania.

Hustlers University (The Real World)

Tate developed the online institution now known as Hustlers University, formerly known as The Real World. This community-based platform instructs users on a range of profitable techniques, such as stock research, options trading, online sales, and more. Hustlers University equips people with the tools they need to succeed financially by employing verified teachers who make six-figure salaries on a regular basis.

Webcam Business

Tate’s webcam business, which he co-founded with his ex-girlfriends, saw significant growth and now employs 75 women across several locations. Tate is still paid a portion of his ex-girlfriend’s webcam earnings even though his involvement has dropped.

Casino Business

One of the most significant sources of income is Tate’s casino business. Starting as a partnership with a sponsor who owned small casinos in Europe, Tate proposed setting up a franchise using their branding and his own investment. The casino industry has flourished because of innovative ideas like offering free coffee to attract visitors, which have made a major profit.

Top G Merch

Tate’s merchandise is available through the Top G Exclusive website, which includes limited edition and experimental products for Blockchain Technology. These high-demand items are often sold out quickly, from shirts to jackets and mugs. All purchases are accompanied by free NFT mint, combining the world of fashion with blockchain technology.

TateSpeech on Rumble

Tate switched to Rumble, an Internet video platform supporting freedom of speech, after his removal from YouTube. His Rumble page, TateSpeech, has close to 1 million followers. Tate makes money from Rumble’s payment structure with an average of 200,000 views in each video, highlighting his adaptability and resilience as the digital landscape changes constantly.

Car Rental Business

In more than 20 different countries, Tate and his brother Tristan also carry on a luxury car rental business. The company has more than 200 expensive vehicles, such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, McLaren and BMW. Each month, Tate makes $6 million from this business. He has a nine-percent share in the company.

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