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Business as usual during elections in St. Kitts and Nevis

by Carl Walwyn

This CBI-focus feature is sponsored and provided by The Fairway Group.

The country with the highest number of billionaires (per thousand residents) has been in the news lately as many individuals of high net worth wait for their applications for citizenship to be approved.

In terms of government and governance, St. Kitts and Nevis have a National Assembly, which is a unicameral legislature consisting of eleven representatives and three senators. Representatives are elected whereas senators are nominated by the governing party and the opposition.

Until recently, the government consisted of a coalition between the People’s Labour Party, Peoples Action Movement and Concerned Citizens Movement out of Nevis. This coalition was headed by Dr. The Honorable Timothy Harris, who is the prime minister. A series of events set in motion an inevitable election, which will occur next week.

The representatives of the People’s Action Movement and Concerned Citizens Movement put forward a motion of no confidence to challenge government support in the Assembly. Because they had the majority they were able to call for the resignation of the prime minister as is their right under constitution.

In a situation like this, the prime minister has two choices. He must either resign or advise the governor general to dissolve the Assembly. The prime minister must do this within three days of the majority vote of no confidence. Once this happens an election must be called within 90 days.

As you can imagine, the past 90 days have been busy with intense campaigning as Kittitians and Nevisians prepare to go to the polls and politicians attempt to secure the loyalty of their constituents. 

The Fairway Group would like to assure their clients that it is business as usual in St. Kitts even as the federation prepares for elections on Aug. 5. 

All St. Kitts and Nevis passport applicants must first be registered as citizens of the federation. Each Certificate of Registration requires the wet signature of the prime minister and, last week, The Fairway Group received his signature on five such certificates. 

Signed Certificates of Registration forms for citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis.

The Certificate of Registration is the final step in the citizenship-by-investment (CBI) approval process before the issuing of passport and is one final opportunity to confirm that all information is correct before the passport goes for printing. 

As some background, The Fairway Group is a real estate development company offering investment opportunities in a boutique hotel in St. Kitts in the Caribbean. Purchase of shares in this project enables the investor to apply for St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship and a passport – voted the best second passport in the world.

The passport allows the holder to travel to more than 160 countries and territories without having to wait for a visa. 

The single applicant investment for Fairway’s Real Estate Share Option is $285,000. The projected ROI is up to eight percent which is paid in U.S. dollars. 

Dividend and interest accrual in U.S. dollars means that the principal is not subject to possible wide swings in the value of the currency of the CBI investor’s birth country. 

The St. Kitts and Nevis passport was crowned The Best Second Passport in the world by Wealth Managers Magazine – (Forbes) and is the original and longest running CBI in the world. St Kitts and Nevis invented the CBI program back in 1984 and it is now copied by scores of countries seeking to boost their economies. 

The Fairway Group will be in Nigeria on Aug. 1 through 21 to engage in confidential consultations with individuals of high net worth who understand the value of being able to move capital and skills across borders as they themselves enjoy the freedom of business or leisure travel. 

We look forward to celebrating with our newest citizens and meeting all of you who were waiting for proof of concept before making your purchasing decision.

More information is available at The Fairway Group website: www.thefairwaycondos.com

Contact The Fairway Group: https://bit.ly/3OKK9Si

The Fairway Group

The Fairway Group is a Real Estate Development Company offering Citizenship By Investment application services on the island of St Kitts in the West Indies.

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