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Piet Mouton: South African billionaire holding $580 million in Capitec shares

by Mfonobong Nsehe
Piet Mouton

In South Africa’s flourishing economy, Petrus Johannes Mouton, fondly known as Piet Mouton, stands as a beacon of unparalleled brilliance, emerging as a central figure in the nation’s business realm and ranking as one of its richest businessmen and most influential individuals.

Hailing from Carnarvon, South Africa, Mouton’s journey to prominence is a story of determination and foresight. Following in his father’s footsteps, Jannie, the visionary founder of PSG Group and co-founder of Capitec Bank, Piet Mouton has charted his path to success through a diverse investment portfolio spanning various companies and sectors.

Mouton’s rise from corporate corridors to billionaire status epitomizes visionary entrepreneurship. As the founder of Arch Equity and Senekal Mouton & Kitshoff, Inc., his exceptional business acumen has propelled him to esteemed positions within various organizations.

Mouton holds pivotal roles as a non-executive director of Capitec Bank and chairman of African Unity Insurance. He also plays key roles at PSG Group and Arch Equity. Under his leadership, South Africa’s financial services sector has undergone transformative changes, and he has spearheaded innovative infrastructure projects that impact the nation’s development.

Mouton’s investment portfolio encompasses diverse enterprises, firmly establishing him as one of South Africa’s premier billionaires. His notable stakes in companies like Capitec Bank, Curro Holdings, PSG Group, and PSG Konsult have solidified his reputation as one of the most influential investors on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Remarkably, Mouton’s significant 5.83-percent stake in Capitec Bank, valued at an impressive R11.16 billion ($587.24 million), underscores his position as a leading investor on the JSE. His sizeable ownership percentages in Zeder Investments, Curro Holdings, and PSG Konsult further reinforce his stature among South Africa’s elite billionaire bankers, substantiating his profound impact on the JSE.

However, Mouton’s reach extends beyond PSG Group. His involvement in companies like Capitec Bank Holdings and his commitment to societal progress reflect his profound understanding of the financial industry and his dedication to positive change.

As chairman of African Unity Insurance and CEO and executive director of PSG Financial Services Ltd., Mouton’s influence reverberates within boardrooms and resonates through society. His engagement with the Jannie Mouton Foundation exemplifies his deep affection for the country and his unwavering belief in a prosperous future for South Africa and its people.

Today, Mouton proudly serves as the CEO and executive director of PSG Financial Services Ltd., a South African investment holding company with banking, education, financial services, and consumer goods holdings.

His remarkable ascent is a tribute to the exceptional entrepreneurial spirit that runs in his family’s veins. Through his diverse investments and unyielding commitment to success, he continues to shape South Africa’s economic landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the business world.

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