East Africa

Kenyan banker Gideon Muriuki’s Co-op Bank rakes in $44.4 million profit in Q1 2023

Under the leadership of Muriuki, Co-op Bank has fortified its position as a key player in the region.

Bank linked to Tanzanian billionaire brothers enters insurance market with new subsidiary

CRDB Bank linked to Tanzanian billionaire brothers has expanded into the insurance market with a new subsidiary.

Mauritian tycoon Hector Espitalier-Noel’s ENL reports stellar $33.9 million in profit

ENL Limited reports a stellar $33.9 million in profit, driven by robust revenue growth.

Kenyan tycoon Julius Mwale teams up in high-stakes $800-million Forbes acquisition

Mwale leads the historic Forbes acquisition, marking Africa's rising influence in reshaping global perceptions.

Kenyatta family’s stake in NCBA Group suffers $11.26-million decline in 2023

The Kenyatta family's equity holdings in NCBA Group see a $11.26-million decline as stock market volatility persists.