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Angolan businessman Agostinho Kapaia’s group awarded $1.3 billion in contracts over 2 years

by Omokolade Ajayi
Agostinho Kapaia

Key Points:

  •  Angolan group, Grupo Opaia, led by Agostinho Kapaia, secured $1.3 billion in state contracts over 2 years, raising concerns about transparency.
  • Activist alleges €350.8-million bus contract awarded through simplified process, questioning high price and potential Opaia favoritism.
  • Questions over Opaia’s preferential treatment and potential for corruption highlight the need for scrutiny.

Luanda-based holding company Grupo Opaia SA, founded by Angolan businessman Agostinho Kapaia, has reportedly secured €1.2 billion ($1.3 billion) worth of contracts in Angola over the past two years.

Activist Rafael Marques, director of Maka Angola, alleges irregularities in the awarding process, particularly a recent €323.5-million ($350.8 million) contract for 600 buses awarded via presidential order. Marques called for the annulment of this latest deal.

Scrutiny on simplified contracting

Rafael Marques alleges the use of simplified contracting procedures to benefit Opaia, detailing €1.173 billion ($1.27 billion) in public funds committed to Opaia projects over the past two years.

This includes a €125.5 million ($136.1 million) credit line for a pediatric hospital, €357.5 million ($387.7 million) for a water treatment system, €350 million ($380 million) for a fertilizer factory, and €45.4 million ($49.2 million) for upgrades to the Luanda morgue.

The recent contract is a €323.5-million ($350.8 million) presidential order for 600 buses. The Ministry of Transport stated that the investment includes a planned export-oriented bus assembly factory.

Angolan bus contract faces scrutiny

Marques, in a letter to President Joao Lourenco, criticized the award to the Opaia Europa and IDC consortium, both owned by Kapaia. He noted the high unit price of €540,000 ($586,000) per bus compared to market prices of €150,000 ($271,100), questioning the use of simplified contracting meant for exceptional circumstances.

These allegations raise concerns about transparency in the government’s contracting practices and potential conflicts of interest, suggesting a need for further investigation to ensure fair and competitive bidding.

Agostinho Kapaia’s commitment to Africa’s future

Agostinho Kapaia leads Grupo Opaia with a focus on sustainable development in Africa. The group has undertaken various infrastructure projects and prioritizes social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Kapaia also serves as president of the Angolan Community of Exporting and Internationalized Companies (CEEIA), promoting regional infrastructure development and investment. 

Additionally, he holds the vice president position at PAFTRAC Southern Africa, advocating for improved transportation and communication networks across the region.

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