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Family feud erupts over Naivas shares as heirs of Kenyan business titan seek control

Sibling rivalry unveiled: David Kimani Mukuha challenges estate administration

by Omokolade Ajayi
Peter Mukuha Kago

The heirs of the late Kenyan business magnate, Peter Mukuha Kago, founder of the renowned Naivas Limited, have found themselves embroiled in a legal dispute over the administration of their father’s estate.

The late businessman’s three children, Grace Wambui, David Kimani Mukuha, and Newton Kagira Mukuha, have separately moved to the Nakuru High Court, each seeking to replace their deceased brother, Simon Gashwe, as the administrator of the estate.

Simon Gashwe, who owned a substantial 25 percent of Naivas’ shares, was appointed as the sole administrator of the empire on May 6, 2010. However, his siblings have raised concerns about the incomplete distribution of their father’s estate at the time of his death in August 2019.

Sibling rivalry unveiled: David Kimani Mukuha challenges estate administration

Newton Kagira Mukuha, in his application, argued that certain assets within the estate have not been properly distributed, expressing worries that the lack of representation might lead to potential exploitation of the estate. He asserted that the demise of his brother Simon Gashwe was sufficient grounds to revoke the letters of administration and appoint a new administrator.

David Kimani Mukuha contested his brother Newton Kagira’s application, claiming that their siblings had consented to his appointment as the administrator. Kimani argued that neither of Gashwe’s heirs had agreed to the appointment of the other applicants, specifically Kagira and Wambui. He also accused Kagira of creating a conflict of interest by filing legal cases against the estate while seeking appointment as an administrator.

Grace Wambui, in her application, echoed the concerns of her siblings and emphasized that Gashwe was appointed as the Naivas administrator with the family’s consent. She revealed that her brother’s untimely demise occurred before the completion of the estate administration, leading to unresolved distribution issues and court cases. Wambui stressed the need for an administrator to intervene and resolve the growing disputes surrounding her late father’s estate.

Crucial crossroads: Naivas’ family feud intensifies amidst growth endeavors

This family feud has cast a shadow over Naivas Limited, a prominent player in the Kenyan market since its establishment in 1990. The legal wrangling comes at a crucial time for Naivas, as the supermarket giant is actively pursuing ambitious expansion plans, intending to open two additional branches in Kenya.

Meanwhile, the recent sale of an additional 11-percent stake in Naivas International, valued at $41.7 million, reflects the Mukuha family’s commitment to pursuing profitability and market share growth amidst the ongoing family turmoil.

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